Zeplin edges Schupbach for bowling high series

May 23, 2012 at 12:23 a.m.

Steve Zeplin and Kenny Schupbach battled to the end during the last week of Sugar & Spice competition.

With the league ending the fall season and bowlers vying for the league title, Steve Zeplin was the high bowler with games of 225, 257, and 194 for a 676 series. Zeplin also rolled a 267 high game and 671 set in another league.

Schupbach fell one pin short with a 259 high game, contributing towards a 675 total.

Other good scores for the men were Brian Hyden (659), Dandy Richards (653), Mike Stacy (649), David Flores (647), John Figueroa (259-646), Calvin Bigham (267-646), Kevin Stacy (278), Chris Kurtz (277), Scott Snow (257), Shawn Miller (255), Mike Osterson (253), Mark Svatek (248), Robert Ellis (246) and Joe Wittenburg (246).

Christine Speer also ended the Sugar & Spice League in great style with games of 207, 175, and 267 for an excellent 649 series.

Speer started the third game with nine strikes in a row before a nine-pin count stopped her string of strikes.

Carri Lee also broke the 600 mark with a 225 game, helping towards a 608.


Summer league are being formed now that the fall season is coming to an end.

The Woodlawn Lanes will have a meeting May 23 at 7 p.m. for the Wednesday Night League. For more information, can contact Robert Pfeil at 361-582-0921.

The Century Lanes is also forming leagues at this time. Contact the Century at 361-576-1166 for more information.

The No-Tap Jackpot Doubles Tournament will start June 6 at the Century Lanes.

In memoriam

It is with sadness I report of another Victoria bowler, Dave Shaffer, having passed away last week.

Dave bowled for many years in local leagues and was bowling in the Over The Hill senior league this season.

My sympathies and condolences go out to the family.


A reminder to youth bowlers the deadline for Victoria USBC Scholarship applications is June 15.

This is a good opportunity for qualifying youths for receiving help in advancing their education.


Monday Mixed League Champions were HANG THIS with members Korey Bryan, Tony Payne, Sterling Kocian, Steve Dickinson, and Michael Conchola. SUGAR & SPICE League Champions are 2+2 with members Justin Tweedle, Charles Aiken, Christine Speer, Steve Zeplin, Jace Speer, and Steve Dickinson. Women: C. Speer 267-649; C. Lee 225-608; L. Mikulec 553; J. Sanderes 210-543; P. Jackson 516; Men: S. Zeplin 257-676; K. Schupbach 259-675; B. Hyden 235-659; D. Richards 653; D. Flores 235-647; J. Figueroa 259-646; G. Pitts 228-646; M. Wortham 638; K. Stacy 637; C. Kurtz 277-622; R. Ellis 246-613; F. Suniga 224-613; M. Rodriguez 224-610; M. Osterson 253-609; L. Mikulec 600; W. Lorance 585; M. Svatek 248-579; J. Tweedle 576; R. Fissler 573; B. Hilbig 572; K. Weinheimer 569; J. Wittenburg 246-567; C. Aiken 561; T. Bennett 556; J. Cano 555; B. Mooney 552; ROLLING THUNDER Women: J. Sanders 215-562; M. Bonuz 562; L. Heil 561; Men: S. Zeplin 267-671; M. Stacy 649; S. Snow 257-636; S. Miller 255-635; J.P. Reyna 621; B. Marques 603; C. Bigham 225-595; J. Jiminez 593; C. Kurtz 591; M. Osterson 233-588; C. Martinka 585; J. Bryant 583; M. Svatek 582; B. Hammack 581; J. Parrott 242-571; J. Glass 571; J. Ramirez 230-569; R. King 567; M. Conchola 562; D. Matthews 560; D. Mergele 243; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: C. Speer 216-564; L. Heil 214-553; D. Gabrysch 543; N. Mergele 532; S. Gomez 518; Men: C. Bigham 267-646; J. Tweedle 232-626; S. Dickinson 621; K. Bryan 235-621; K. Blake 618; M. Espindola 610; R. Rodriguez Jr. 246-604; J. Flores 603; S. Zeplin 593; R. Gabrysch 587; E. Gonzales 587; A. Hall 227-584; M. Cantu 239-580; J. Smith 231-569; N. DeLaGarza 565; M. Conchola 555.



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