Oceans For Emotions: Thankful for freedom to pursue life's pleasures

By Elaine Wheat
May 25, 2012 at 12:25 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"One generation shall praise thy works to another."

- Psalms 145:4

Some days, you just know that you have chosen the right place, time, tackle and bait to feed the hungry speckled trout. Today was one of those days.

On Memorial Day Weekend, it is hard to find a place to call your own to fish. It seems as if you have to share the entire beachfront with once-a-year "Beach Bunnies and Beach Buddies" who are trying to tan for summer in one day. I hope I don't run over one of those while looking for a place to fish.

I finally found a place that looked promising on a back cove that had the prerequisites of sand, shell and grass. I rigged a Gulp up and cast it in, and as soon as it hit the water, something took it.

It was a good size legal speck, and I strung it, hoping it was not beginner's luck.

I cast near the same spot again, and again, it hit the water and was gone, and I had another speck. It took me longer to string it than it did to catch it. This was too good to be true. It was like the trout were swarming out there calling, "Elaine, catch me, catch me."

In less than an hour, I had my limit of speckled trout and was actually seeing spots before my eyes from the frantic activity. I'm a little old and broken down for this kind of fishing. I proudly iced the miracle, flopped in my fishing chair and rested until I felt fit to drive while avoiding tanning bodies.

In my haze and daze, I thought, "I bet nobody else had ever caught their limit of legal trout in less than an hour. Maybe since it is Memorial Day, some one would find out about it, like I'm not going to tell every body I know and some I don't know on the beach about it, and maybe they will get together and build a memorial statue to me that fisher people would come to on Memorial Day in memory of me."

Soon, I had sat there beside the sea long enough for the reality of life to kick start my brain into thinking logically, and I loaded my chair and me in the car and started driving away. I was saddened and more than humbled when I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw that I couldn't even tell where my best fishing day of my long life had taken place. I must be content to let the "memories light the corners of my mind."

I did get home just in time to rush downtown and watch the Memorial Day parade and honor the true heroes who gave their all so I could fish today.

Dear Lord, in my prayer, I want to salute all the servicemen and women who have stood up for the rights we take for granted. Now help us seek peace as well as we did war. God, You said "My peace I leave with You, My peace give I unto you." Your way is the way of peace, but it must start from within.



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