It's time to get rid of anti-American president

May 28, 2012 at 12:28 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Being this is America, every man or woman has the right to vote for and believe anything or anyone they chose. But every American should use the knowledge that they are given to make these decisions.

When it becomes clear that the man they thought would bring hope and change only brings fear and poverty, it becomes all Americans' job to get this man out of office and try someone else. If you are a Democrat, it is fine to believe in this party's platform, but it is stupid to believe in a man that is against everything Americans believe in. Honesty, truth, equality, freedom, hard work and the right to work without some union bosses telling a person what to believe. We have a chance in November to take back our country and reward the hard WORKING Americans in this country who are here legally and who want only to prosper and take care of their families. This country was built on a love and trust in God. Now we have a man in charge that has no love or respect for our Lord and Saviour. Please, if you are a Christian, do not vote for this man. God bless America.

David L. Strickland, Inez



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