There is nothing for young adults to do in Victoria

May 30, 2012 at 12:30 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I just listened to the May 22 9 p.m. news. Victoria Police Department successfully cracked down on motorcycles illegally racing within the city limits and seized all seven motorcycles. Hooray, bravo.

I have been a resident of Victoria. I moved my kiddoes to avoid the 'black hole' that traps 15- to 23-year-olds. For youths, these are very experimental years. I encouraged my kids to 'GO' where they could find interests and pursue them. I know for a fact there is nothing for the teens and young adults to do in this town.

Instead of spending so much energy actuating on the negative (news), looking to keep law and order by waiting for the inevitable, (due to nothing for youth and young adults to do in this town) the City of Victoria needs to take stock in their community members, young adults and provide some economic development towards, uh, let's say a racetrack for motorcycles. Give them a place in their own community to have fun, pursue happiness and engage in a sport. Skateboarders went through the same crap. These are sports. These are hobbies. These events can grow this town. These are Victoria's community members and Victoria's future! Youth is the future. Grow your youth, Grow your community!

Seriously, it's been 25 years. This town spends so much energy chasing drug dealers and illegals. Stop patching the boat, get a new one. Invest in a positive - Victoria youth and young adults. Can the city not see if they plant the 'seed' in the community, it will grow? Can the city not 'see' if you build it, they will come!

Missy Morrison, Victoria



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