Education lost focus on individual thinking

May 30, 2012 at 12:30 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In the early 1960s, at Victoria Shields Elementary, I recall the teachers being openly angry at the Texas school system. It began demanding what and how things were presented to students. Rather than guidance toward an individual student's own thought and learning, the teachers were coerced to instruct an early form of government- and union-prescribed leftist rubbish. They could no longer help students learn for themselves. They were commanded to begin instructing a new and ultimately treacherous way of seeing things. They knew it was wrong, but their jobs depended on it. Lyndon Johnson was president at the time.

If our educational system shows failure today, that's when it began. In 1979, Jimmy Carter established the US Dept. of Education to help ensure nationwide indoctrination and a lack of thoughtful skills. The Democrats need as many intellectual runts as they can get. To them, it is important to grow a greedy populace who don't think, just repeat what they are told and help build a big voter block for their costly favors and freebies. In schools, only teach the basics for test purposes then add lots'a dogma into these young minds to seed a liberal crop. No civics classes nor world history will ever be presented, much less discussed. That might expose truth to students. Such thinking now extends to universities, as Obama has explained in his books.

Brainwashing is the mission of today's unions and liberal Democrats. Think for yourself. I oppose liberals and ask you to help save America.

Kyle Norman, Victoria



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