Wildflowers make the grade


May 31, 2012 at 12:31 a.m.

When my son Jeremy was in the eighth grade, he was given an assignment to collect, photograph and identify 10 wildflowers. He came home looking pretty grim about the whole thing; teenage boys just aren't that interested in flowers.

I looked at the paper with the instructions his teacher had given him, grabbed my car keys, purse and camera and said, "C'mon Jeremy, let's do this."

Each day, after Jeremy got home from school, when the light was just right for photographs, we would go on the hunt for wildflowers.

For three weeks we photographed, picked and pressed Black-eyed Susans, wine cups, fire wheels, Indian paintbrushes, verbenas, bluebonnets, larkspurs and more.

When the flowers were dry, we glued them onto sheets of paper and slipped the pages into the sleeves of a photo album. Each flower had its own description and photograph taken in its natural state.

The project that had started out as a bit of a drudge turned out to be fun. We both learned about the wildflowers we used to pass without a thought.

My son received an "A" for all our hard work. We gave my Mom the book because she loved wildflowers so much. Jeremy and I kept the memories of those golden spring days; walking together, searching for the perfect flower and sharing quality time between mother and son.



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