Oceans For Emotions: Be prepared

By Elaine Wheat
Nov. 2, 2012 at 6:02 a.m.

"I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest."

- Psalms 55:8

All week I have been watching Hurricane Sandy tear up the Eastern Seaboard and head into New Jersey and New York. I knew I had watched too much of it when I rushed to the grocery store and bought bottled water and a bunch of canned food to prepare myself here in Texas for its northern landing.

To become more oriented and grounded, I decided to write my own hurricane preparedness list that I have used for these many years while living on the coast of Texas.

1. Winds 0-30 miles per hour - tropical depression - get excited.

Tell hurricane stories, even if you have never been through a hurricane. If you make the stories accurate and vivid enough, no one will ever know you weren't even born yet or that you were living in Kansas.

2. Winds 40-73 miles per hour - tropical storm - get scared.

Fear is a great motivator and most of us function best when we are at least slightly afraid. That is when you realize that you are not in control and there is nothing that you can do to stop a storm. Like so many other things in life, we can predict storms, prepare for them, define, measure and record them, but we can't stop them. We must simply face them, and that is what is scary.

3. Winds over 74 miles per hour - hurricane - get out!

There are times to be brave and face things. There are also times to be smart and run. What is hard is telling what time it is.

I've heard people say, "If the hurricane comes this way, I'm going to ride it out." I've always wanted to ask them, "Why?"

Dear Lord, help me never try to prove my faith by being foolish. God, I'll pray, but when I'm on my knees, I'll be praying for feet.



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