Geanie Morrison: Texas needs to continue success

Nov. 3, 2012 at 6:03 a.m.

Geanie Morrison

Geanie Morrison

It has been a tremendous honor to represent the people of Texas House District 30. Together, we have accomplished many great things, and looking to the future, I believe there is much more to come. After redistricting, House District 30 now includes Aransas, Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Refugio and Victoria Counties.

When I first ran for this office, I committed to the voters that I would work hard to ensure that the great State of Texas would be governed by a pro-education, family first, free market philosophy that put the people of Texas first. During my service in the Texas legislature, I am proud of my record of adhering to that commitment.

I grew up in Victoria with my parents, the late Vesta and Gene Williams, and my siblings Jeff, Carol and Wayne. My husband, Jack, and I have two children: Matt Morrison, who is a CPA and an Oil and Gas Attorney, and Lauri Perry, who has a degree in finance. Lauri is married to Chris Perry, who is a partner in a commercial real estate company. We also have two precious grandchildren: Cole Perry, 12, and Ella Perry, who is almost 7. I have lived in House District 30 for more than 50 years and have been an active member in our community.

With the help of the constituents of House District 30, we have taken significant strides toward improving our area and the state as a whole. I am proud to have enacted legislation that established the University of Houston-Victoria as a four-year institution, which has exceeded all expectations; created the Texas Tuition Promise Fund and the Texas-B-On-Time Loan Program to make continuing education more accessible; established the Emerging Technology Fund to bring innovation to Texas; enacted transportation initiatives to enhance economic development at the Port of Victoria and the surrounding areas; and enacted the first Baby Moses law in the country, which provides desperate mothers a responsible alternative to newborn abandonment. Since then, all 50 states have enacted similar measure and countless newborns have been saved nationwide - nearly 100 in Texas alone.

Looking toward the 83rd Legislative Session, I can tell you unequivocally that we will be facing some monumental challenges. How we address those challenges will determine the future success of our great state. I am dedicated to ensuring that your voice will be heard when it comes time to debate the important issues that impact the constituents of House District 30.

To begin, it does not take a degree in economics to know that it is irresponsible to spend more revenue than you collect. A person only has to look to Washington, D.C., to see what happens when you deficit spend. Fortunately, the Texas Constitution requires the Texas Legislature to operate under a balanced budget. Texas families run their households in a fiscally responsible manner, so there is no reason we should expect less of our elected officials.

Although Texas has faired the national economic downturn better than any other state in the nation, it cannot be said that we have been immune. However, by ensuring fiscal responsibility, low taxes, a fair legal system and a predictable business climate, Texas has continually been rated as the number one state in the country to do business. To maintain our standing as a leader, we must continue to balance our budget and enact the type of responsible polices that keep Texas open for business.

It cannot be said enough that an educated workforce is the way to drive an economy. We are very fortunate to have the Victoria College, and we made great strides when we enacted HB 1056, which allowed the University of Houston-Victoria to become a four-year institution. Both institutions are doing an exceptional job in their efforts to educate our future workforce. Now, we must continue to ensure that we have the necessary resources to accommodate current growth, and what I am confident will be, future growth.

Every ten years, the census is taken and political boundaries for every legislative and congressional seat are redrawn to reflect population increases, decreases and shifts. This past session, the Texas Legislature undertook the redistricting process. As was anticipated, Texas grew substantially and much of our population shifted to major metropolitan areas. That growth, and the population shift resulted in less rural representation. This next session, it will be critical that we have strong and experienced rural representatives to ensure that our voice is heard on important issues.

Whether the issue is protecting the Constitution, strengthening family values, education funding and equity, reforming TWIA, property rights, water rights/flows, taxpayers, or promoting economic development, I will continue to fight for the people of this district. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve, and I ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Geanie Morrison is the incumbent and Republican candidate for State Representative for District 30. Voters can contact her campaign with questions or comments at 361-578-6694 or by email at



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