Chupacabras and more, this Texan writer has it all

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Nov. 8, 2012 at 5:08 a.m.

This book almost crippled me. I usually read a few books a week, alternating between reading before I go to sleep and listening to audio-books at the gym.

I was listening to Jenny Lawson's "Lets Pretend this Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir)" when I started laughing, tripped and almost flew off the treadmill to my death (or, you know, sprained ankle). Rarely does a book almost take one down with its humor, but for me, Lawson's collection of anecdotes almost managed it.

Lawson grew up in the small town of Wall, Texas. Her mostly true memoir is a compilation of amusing stories that sprouted from her quirky personality and unique upbringing in the Lone Star State. They include her engagement story (she thought her husband might be trying to kill her) to growing up with a taxidermist as a father (he pretended the dead animals were alive to entertain his daughters). I laughed along with Lawson as she got her arm stuck inside a cow in high school and when she battled her husband in illogical fights over towels (that deteriorated into discussions about the zombie apocalypse). This book has everything a humorous memoir about a Texan requires, even Chupacabras.

Lawson takes the most embarrassing and memorable moments of her life and shares them with a blatant, self-deprecating gusto.

Though some chapters are more adult in content than others, they are also full of insight into Lawson's everyday life. She suffers from panic attacks, dreams of being a writer and, surprisingly, is shy around new people. She also develops a habit of ordering stuffed creatures dressed in outfits through the mail. So, yes, Lawson's book may be wackier than the average memoir, but at it's heart is just a Texas girl sharing stories about her childhood, friends and family. We all discover truths about ourselves in our most horrifying moments, but luckily for us, Lawson wrote all of hers down.

In addition to writing a really funny book, Lawson was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

What would you say to a reader who is interested in reading your book, but isn't sure what it's about or why they should read it?

I would throw a snake on them and then tell them the book had a snake bite antidote.

What is the latest stuffed animal you ordered in the mail?

I recently bought a full-sized baby pegasus. I bought it because it's a baby pegasus. It's hard to turn down a baby pegasus. Turns out though that it was just a zebra mannequin covered in cow skin.

Do you have any books coming up in the future? What can we look forward too?

I do. I have a new book coming out in 2014 called "Furiously Happy." It's a book about depression. But it's a "funny" book about depression. So there's that.

Do you have a favorite book? What are you currently reading?

I just finished 'Daring Greatly' (which I loved) but my favorite book is probably Jane Eyre. I also love anything written by Ray Bradbury or Neil Gaiman.

Anything else you'd like to share with your Texas fans?

I'm running for president and my slogan is "Free Unicorns For Everyone." Not because I'm giving away unicorns to everyone, but because I think unicorns should be free for the sake of everyone.

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