Years ago for Sunday, Nov 11, 2012

Nov. 8, 2012 at 5:08 a.m.


Nov. 12 - Some genius has invented a new collection box for churches which should prove highly successful. When you drop in a quarter or more, it doesn't make a sound; drop in a dime and it tingles like a bell; a nickel blows a whistle, and a penny fires a shot. When you don't drop in anything, the box takes your picture.

Nov. 13 - Dr. Hugh Grouse, a leading physician of El Paso and former resident of Victoria, together with other stockholders, has offered to donate the Valley View Hospital in this city to the Catholic Sisters if they will conduct it. Otherwise it will be converted into an apartment house. The hospital was erected here several years ago by Dr. Grouse, who owns a controlling interest in it, amounting to three-fourths of the stock.


Nov. 14 - A committee of five citizens Friday night was authorized at a meeting at the Court House to purchase a respirator - iron lung - with the funds contributed voluntarily here in recent weeks for this purpose. Members of the committee are G.H. Taggart, chairman; Dr. F.B. Shields, Dr. J.V. Hopkins, Dr. W.T. DeTar and Chester Evans.

Nov. 16 - Presented with their opportunity to make their "first train ride" in many years, numerous football fans are taking advantage of the special train to the Beeville game Friday night and already have purchased tickets to the contest. The tickets, which may be exchanged at the depot here for a regular railroad fare, sell for 85 cents for the round trip.


Nov. 15 - Key positions in local city and county governments will be taken over by students of Victoria High School and St. Joseph's High School Thursday. Occasion will be the Youth Appreciation Day highlighting Optimist International's Youth Appreciation Week, with Victoria High School students manning the City Hall posts during the morning and with St. Joseph's High School pupils filling in for county officials in the afternoon. Here are the city "officials": Jim Nichols, mayor; John Roberts, Linda Johnson, Kenneth Totah and Bill Cornelius, councilmen; Dave Hill, fire chief; Donald Anderson, police chief; David Hellyer, fire marshal; David Lumpkin, city attorney; Cay Williams, city manager; Virginia McLachlan, city purchasing agent; and Peter de Leeuw, city secretary and treasurer. In the afternoon, at the courthouse, it will be Robert Hebner, county judge; Sam Dick, city attorney; Bernard Wagner, county treasurer; David Elwonger, district clerk, and Fred Kloesel, sheriff.

Nov. 17 - As a gasoline price war headed into its second week Friday, service station operators said they had no idea when the end will come. "We're just going to wait and see," said one major station operator who said the war was started by an independent station which only recently opened. Price for regular fuel at one independent station was 24.9 cents per gallon, which was two cents lower than at most major stations.


Nov. 11 - Citizens Medical Center Tuesday officially opened its latest care facility, a pediatrics intensive care unit.

The unit, located on the fourth floor in the north wing of the hospital's pediatrics division, provides treatment for children with a wide range of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Children aged one week through 14 years are eligible for treatment.

The four-bed unit offers the same services as the pediatric facility at DeTar Hospital, but has more sophisticated equipment, said Dr. Miguel Ormazabal, PICU medical director at Citizens. It is equipped with intravenous therapy, electric monitoring of vital signs and cardiac impulses, oxygen therapy, and a separate isolation room for those patients with contagious illnesses.

Prior to the development of the unit, children requiring critical care were treated in a room temporarily set up for that purpose or in an adult ICU under the care of pediatric nurses.



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