Oceans For Emotions: Keep on casting

Nov. 9, 2012 at 5:09 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

By Elaine Wheat

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out our fear."

- 1 John 4: 18

I went fishing Monday, and I knew that I had to cast at least three times before I could catch that flounder that was waiting for me at my secret spot.

I got up and put on my fish-stained jeans, my fishing shoes that had fish imprinted all over them, my Indianola Fishing Marina fishing shirt and, of course, in order to be perfectly dressed, I wore my fishing hat with the fish swimming through it. Only then would I be ready to cast at least three times.

My first cast was for early voting in the presidential race at the early-voting place that took a long time since I had waited until the last day to vote early. That is another problem with retirement - putting things off until the last minute. I waited to cast my vote while many other late, early voters commented on my vote-casting attire.

My second cast was of my cast net was to get bait. I am good at some things, like catching, cleaning and cooking fish, but I am not a great, or even semi-great, thrower of cast nets. They usually land like bubble gum that I used to make students spit out into the trash can when I would catch them chewing it in class, before I retired. I think that was one of the things that kept me teaching for all 52 years.

My third cast was to cast the mullet I had finally caught after many attempts at cast-netting and tie it on a treble hook with a split shot - about a foot up the line - and let it swim attractively around near the sandy bottom by the shell reef.

Soon, I felt a tiny, tentative nibble, and I held the rod very still. Then, I felt it mouth the bait and still, I waited. Finally, I felt it swallow my mullet for whom I had cast, and I knew I had something for sure. It was mine, but I couldn't tell yet if I had caught a flounder or a stingray. They act just the same, hugging the bottom that they know for security or "flip-flopping" all around.

I laughed as memories of my first cast today came floating back to mind.

Dear Lord, thank you for the perfect love you give us that can cast out our fears. You have done Your part, now let us do ours and keep on casting.



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