National news media brings shame to nation

Nov. 9, 2012 at 5:09 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

A shame of this nation is becoming much like a cancerous growth. The shame that I am writing about is the bias of much of our news media. It is certainly not found only in politics, but also in education, entertainment, religion and probably in other areas.

Worst are the former "big three" of the television and radio media: NBC, CBS and ABC. It is common knowledge that the journalists and management of these so-called "news" industries are far to the left of center and anyone to the right of that is termed a "radical" or "arch-conservative." These same self-proclaimed professionals either completely ignore a real story that is unflattering to their own until they are flushed out by others. Then they prepare a watered-down version that casts no bad reflection on "their kind." But for those who do not carry the mantra of the Left, a media hatchet is thrown at them.

The same shame is found in much of our printed media. Many of us have read supposedly "news" stories in our newspapers and news magazines that have whitewashed liberal heroes and sometimes never even mention their counterpart. Or if they do, it is not in a flattering manner. I would assume that most of America is very sick of reading such biased tripe. I am. That is the reason that Fox News suddenly became so popular in the television news market - some truth could be heard. Could someone explain how and why so much of our news media is leftish? But the worst part is the shameful management of news.

Emmett Gloyna, Victoria



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