Ross stumbles to finish, still wins Senior Open (Video)

Nov. 10, 2012 at 5:10 a.m.

Ron Schroeder lines up before putting the ball during the final day of the Texas Senior Open at Victoria Country Club in Victoria, Tx.

Ron Schroeder lines up before putting the ball during the final day of the Texas Senior Open at Victoria Country Club in Victoria, Tx.   Morgan Walker for The Victoria Advocate

Friday was hardly John Ross's best day of golf.

Victoria Country Club acted up in ways that messed with all of the golfers, and Ross - who had carded two days under par and for a short time looked like he could get a third - was no exception.

"Sometimes your good shots don't look too good, and in this game, you have to play your foul balls,"

Ross spend two and a half rounds of golf building a lead that would be, for the most part, insurmountable. Then spent the last nine giving much of it away.

"I'm grateful I didn't have to play any more holes," "I was leaking oil on the way in."

Still, the longtime pro from Bramwell, W. Va., walked away with the championship at the Texas Senior Open as one of only two golfers in the field of 74 to finish the tournament under par. Ross completed the tournament at 3-under; David Ogrin, who finished with at 1-under after shooting 3-under on Friday, was the only other golfer under par.

Ross was aware of who he was up against, but that didn't matter much. After last week, he was just happy to be in warmer weather.

"After being home shoveling show last week, I didn't know if my game was going to be rusty or not," he said. "I'm just thankful to be in 85 degree weather, and with some good players this week."

Just a week ago, the pro golfer spent two days with his family without power digging out from the snow produced by Superstorm Sandy.

The day started off strong for Ross. He watched his competition wilt on the front nine while he shot 2-under to build what was a six stroke lead with nine holes to go. Then the course and the conditions caught up to him.

"Some of these big oak trees are planted in just the right spot where they grab your ball," Ross said. "Throw in some 20 mph winds and it's hard to pull the right club."

His one saving grace was that it also caught up to most of his closest competitors.

Yes, Ross shot 5-over on the back nine to erase much of his advantage for the day, but Ben Sauls, who was second place entering Friday, shot 3-over on the back nine to fall back. Jim Chancey, who was 2-under entering the day, finished even par with a 4-over on Friday.

"I've played a lot of golf in my career, in Florida on the PGA tour and the Champions tour in Texas, and I feel I'm a good wind player," Ross said. "Even today, I felt good about how I was playing, and then had one four-putt on the back and missed a few greens in the wrong spot."

In the face of all that was going wrong, Ross said he kept faith, and most of all, kept calm.

It may not have been a banner day, but it was definitely a winning one.

"All things said, even though I stumbled, I made it across the finish line," he said.

Final Results


(a) - amateurs (played for merchandise certificates)

John Ross, Bramwell, W.V. 69-69-75-213 $5,000.00

David Ogrin, New Braunfels 71-75-69-215 $3,200.00

Carl Cooper, Humble 77-68-71-216 $2,466.67

Ben Sauls, Austin 68-72-76-216 $2,466.67

Jim Chancey, Pembroke, Ga. 70-72-74-216 $2,466.67

John Adams, Paris 73-73-71-217 $1,900.00

Terry Snodgrass, Arlington 71-74-73-218 $1,550.00

David Lundstrom, Houston 70-74-74-218 $1,550.00

Javier Sanchez, Fayetteville, Ga. 71-76-73-220 $1,100.00

Robert Thompson, Huntsville 72-73-75-220 $1,100.00

Mark Brooks, Fort Worth 71-78-72-221 $675.00

Ronnie Black, Tucson, Ariz. 74-75-72-221 $675.00

Billy Sitton, Houston 72-76-73-221 $675.00

Ron Schroeder, Montgomery 67-75-79-221 $675.00

Robert Niger, El Dorado Hills, Calif. 69-79-74-222 -$500.00

Mark Spivey, Victoria (a) 73-77-73-223 $500.00

Steve Jurgensen, Pearland 73-73-77-223 $450.00

Barry Conser, Phoenix, Ariz. 72-83-69-224 $400.00

Joe Clark, Jr., Holderness, N.H. 80-73-71-224 $400.00

Garry Antunes, Henderson 76-73-75-224 $400.00

Graham Gunn, Kanata, Can. 77-76-72-225 $325.00

Dave Rummells, Kissimmee, Fla. 76-75-74-225 $325.00

Timothy Matthews, Scotts, Mich. 73-74-78-225 $325.00

Albert Crews, Homer, La. 76-77-73-226 $275.00

Karl Narro, Houston 73-74-79-226 $275.00

Steve Parker, Houston 79-76-72-227 $250.00

Danny Edwards, Scottsdale, Ariz. 72-81-74-227 $250.00

David Faulkner, Humble 73-79-76-228 $250.00

Wayne Wright, Fort Worth 72-81-76-229 $225.00

Rick Dewitt, Arvada, Col. 75-80-75-230 $187.50

Henry Cagigal, Fort Worth 75-78-77-230 $187.50

Marshall Gavre, Fairfield, Iowa 77-78-76-231 $150.00

Steve Geisler, Lexington, Ky. 76-80-75-231 $150.00

David Narveson, Simonton 72-82-77-231 $150.00

Brian Vella, Peoria, Ariz. 80-79-73-232 $150.00

Carl Baker, Sugar Land 79-78-76-233 $150.00

Les ONeal, Denham Springs, La. (a) 80-77-77-234 $125.00

Mike Weaver, Webster 80-78-76-234 $125.00

Chuck Moran, Houston 76-78-81-235 $125.00

Claude Bridges, Victoria (a) 82-77-76-235 $125.00

Bill Harvey, Albuquerque, N.M. 78-82-75-235 $125.00

Paul Reed, Houston 79-79-78-236 $116.67

Steven Russell, Amarillo 79-82-75-236 $116.67

Scott Hazledine, Austin 79-82-75-236 $116.67

Daniel Raiford, Carrollton 78-79-80-237 $100.00

Shaun McDonald, Seminole 74-85-80-239 $100.00

Billy Storms, Corpus Christi 82-80-78-240 $100.00

Wil Dees, Baton Rouge, La. (a) 79-85-79-243 $100.00

Michael Juneau, Arlington 86-79-78-243 $100.00

Jimmy Risinger, San Antonio 86-75-83-244 $100.00

Ray Lease, Dickinson 84-82-78-244 $100.00

Todd Riddle, Missouri City (a) 83-80-82-245 $100.00

Rick Beckham, Ennis (a) 82-82-83-247 $100.00

Michael Jones, Richardson 84-82-81-247 $100.00

Greg Woodhouse, Thornton, Col 87-75-86-248 $100.00

Rob Paolino, Forney 85-86-78-249 $100.00

Kerry Lamb, Port Neches 81-88-82-251 $100.00

Bruce Gilcrease, Denham Springs, La. (a) 77-84-91-252 $100.00

John Castillo, Midland (a) 90-82-86-258- $100.00

Jim Pogue, Alpine 85-90-86-261 $100.00

Alan Elliott, Victoria (a) 86-83-93-262 $100.00

David Branham, Sr., Humble (a) 83-89-92-264 $100.00

David Gray, Henderson 85-91-88-264 $100.00

Cal Eller, Missouri City (a) 87-89-88-264 $100.00

Texas Senior Open


Year Champion

2012 John Ross

2011 Dave Rummels

2010 Greg Bruckner

2009 Joe Stansberry

2008 Danny Edwards

2007 Rick Karbowski

2006 Danny Edwards

2005 Chuck Moran

2004 David Lundstrom

2003 Rocky Thompson

2002 Mark Coward

2001 No Tournament

2000 Steve Veriato

1999 Mark Hayes

1998 John Grace

1997 Dwight Nevil



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