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Area runners rock-n-roll in San Antonio

Nov. 12, 2012 at 5:12 a.m.

Windy, muggy conditions greeted runners and walkers as they made their way to the start line of the 2012 San Antonio rock-n-roll Marathon.

This year's event drew 25,000 runners that came from every state and 22 different countries.

Kenyan Stanley Biwott showed up in San Antonio undefeated in his last five races, including the Paris Marathon that he won in a time of 2:05.

He was slated to run in the New York Marathon until that event was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. Biwott blazed through the half-marathon course despite the less than ideal running conditions, and crossed the line in first place in a time of 1:01:09.

He broke the previous course record of 1:02 that was set by American Brian Sell in 2008.

Dawn Grunnage won the women's half-marathon race with a time of 1:18:07.

Local half-marathon results

Following are a list of area runners that participated in the 2012 San Antonio rock-n-roll Marathon Half-Marathon. Blake Westbrook, 1:39:50; Paul Polasek, 1:41:41; Justin Jones, 1:41:54; Patrick Flores, 1:42:57; John Klemczyk, 1:43:48; Caleb Shaw, 1:49:22; Ronnie Reyes, 1:49:49; Ana Carroll, 1:50:23; Greg Westbrook, 1:53:29; Dawn Brown, 1:53:46; Luis Guerra, 1:54:57; Leana Elliott, 1:55:06: Monica Chavana, 1:57:26; Susan Sublett, 1:57:35; Theo Flores, 1:57:37; Amanda Martinez, 1:58:48; Melissa Vargas, 1:59:14; Renee Noonan, 2:00:21; Shannon Jones, 2:00:21; Neil Henderson, 2:01:11; Susan Dorsett, 2:02:17; Angela Valentine, 2:03:14; Stacy Landry, 2:04:55; Ofelia Elizondo, 2:06:46; Michael Teer, 2:07:16; Brad Madigan, 2:07:45; Charla Ybarra, 2:07:51; Sandy Alkek, 2:07:54; Yolanda Ritchey, 2:07:54; Steven Fekete, 2:09:56; Yvonne Coronado, 2:11:34; Christopher Stewart, 2:15:39; Brandon Camacho, 2:16:42; Kristi Koudelka, 2:18:25; Chris Stefka, 2:19:23; Esther Perez, 2:21:53; Sonya Luna, 2:22:49; Patricia Ramos, 2:23:49; Jon Stefka, 2:26:31; Jaclyn Cox, 2:29:23; Vicki Adams, 2:29:39; Ricky Servantes, 2:32:04; Suzie Hale, 2:34:27; Genevieve Beyer, 2:37:59; Tommy Beyer, 2:37:59; Tedrick Valentine, 2:38:53; Cynthia Gonzalez, 2:45:19; Julie Repper, 2:46:17; Chelsea Beasley, 2:47:58; Josh Horton, 2:48:02; Michelle Riemenschneider, 2:49:17; Francis Kirkland, 2:52:27; Luciano Garcia, 2:55:03; Luis DelaGarza, 2:56:48; Mickie Aguilar, 2:58:48; Sara Cardona, 3:04:23; Nora Euenez, 3:08:32; Ted Flores, 3:13:56; Kathy Dillard, 3:14:28; David Glynn, 3:20:42; Tina Dillard, 3:32:31; Tara Smith, 3:37:31; Travis McClellan, 3:39:26; Evelyn McClellan, 3:39:27; Kathy Escalante, 3:40:30; Kelley Drastrata, 3:42:44; Lisa Wolter, 3:45:20; Miroslava Gonazelez, 4:02:34; Sandra Wolter, 4:06:40; Jacob Arambula, 4:20:22.


Following are the results of area runners that participated in the 2012 San Antonio rock-n-roll Marathon

Jose Munoz 2:27:51; KC Boren, 4:13:21; John Hyak, 4:47:48; Clay Whittington, 5:05:29; Roger Lawrence, 5:08:19; Jason Browning, 5:15:16; Leigh Burton, 5:15:30; Christina Mulenex, 7:08:54.


Following are the results of are runners that participated in the 2012 San Antonio rock-n-roll Marathon Mini-Marathon. Nacho Trevino 20:42; Chris Gussmann; 22:33; Alan Elliott, 34:38; Pam Oakley, 44:49; David Christian, 44:49.

Color Run 5K

Following are the area runners that participated in the Color Run 5K in Houston. Debbie Prokop, Jaime McElroy, Shannon Vasquez, Tony Padilla, Gabe Lopez, Elva Resendez-Padilla, Kristin Raab, Krysten Smalley-Navarro, Ray Bazan, Missy Bazan, Ryan Bazan, Faith Mascorro

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