More people should follow cheerleaders' lead

Nov. 12, 2012 at 5:12 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Could allowing religious banners be a slippery slope? Not for those who are Christians. I feel for Annie Laurie Gaylor. I think we should all take a knee for her. This country was created on faith in God. As far as a lawsuit, I believe it is the work of the devil, and those who are in this who are not thinking about what is right.

Look at the leaders of this country and what has happened since they allowed abortion, same-sex marriage and so on. These kids making religious banners for the games are doing the right thing and taking back the right to show their faith and Christianity. Others should join in on this fight for our rights, too.

I would like to see more schools pledging allegiance to the flag in their functions with all the words, including "under God," as it was first written. Have prayers before the games to keep the kids safe while they're playing, as it was done years ago.

There are a lot of kids who have been taught to respect their parents, teachers and elders, but there are many who show no respect. I pray for the school of Kountze High and their town and hope that they get behind these great kids. They are God-sent and can help get this country back to doing the right thing. I would like to see more schools get involved in doing the right thing and let the kids show their faith and spirit.

Let's get behind these kids! Let's take back our great country!

Wynona Shannon, Victoria



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