Bargains361 offers consumers online consignment shop

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

Nov. 13, 2012 at 5:13 a.m.

The next time you visit an estate sale, keep an eye out for those collectible tea cups, silver platters or vintage toys. They may bring in some extra cash just in time for the holidays.

Victoria Advocate Digital Advertising Director Jason Holmes was excited to present a new service to help the community make some extra cash and get rid of old stuff, which debuted online Nov. 5.

"Bargains361 is a service to help local people sell whatever goods they have online," he said. "It's another outlet for you to off-load some of the things that you've collected."

Holmes admitted to having a lot of stuff he would like to sell but doesn't have to time to do it. Bargains361, he said, is a way for people to sell those items when they don't have the spare time to do it themselves.

Working directly with Bargains361, consignment channel manager Chris Arlin will oversee all the merchandise that customers are trying to sell and can even create specific searches for collectibles. Holmes and Arlin have made the selling process as easy as show-and-tell: You bring in your item, talk about it and leave the rest to Arlin.

She has been buying and selling goods online for nearly 13 years and has developed a knack for knowing whether or not something will sell online. She made her start while cleaning out her house and shopping around at garage sales and thrift stores. She eventually became a power seller, selling her old junk and finds online, including clothes, Hot Wheels, computers and collectibles.

"For anything and everything, there's a buyer out there," she said.

One of her luckiest finds was Hot Wheel toys that she bought for a deal: three cars for a quarter. She posted them online and sold one Hot Wheel for more than $70.

"Some of those retro toys are worth some money," she said. "You never know what you have until you research the item."

Once Arlin knows what the item is, she'll research the item or similar items and go from there. She'll suggest a price, and the customer will decide on a minimum price they are willing to sell the item for. The item will stay with her until it is sold and she'll handle shipping it to the buyer. Once the item has been purchased, Arlin will cut a check to the person who brought the item in and Bargains361 will earn a percentage of the sale for providing the service.

"A lot of things don't sell the first time, so you might have to tweak a few things," she said. "I'll let you know if I think this will go well here and that it has a great chance there."

Bargains361 will operate through various online venues, including eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, and can sell through different methods, including auctions, a buy-it-now option or directly through the online store where customers can see what other people are selling.

Holmes speculates the service will help a lot of people get rid of their old goods.

"There's not any other kind of service in this area," he said. "And there's no shortage of stuff to sell."



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