'Twilight' fans prepare for last movie

By by caty hirst/chirst@vicad.com
Nov. 14, 2012 at 5:14 a.m.

   kathleen duncan/kduncan@vicad.com for The Victoria Advocate

She could be a vampire.

"Not as any character specifically, but as a vampire in general. I could be one of the Cullens, maybe, an addition to what is already there," said Deann Fossati, a 23-year-old Victoria "Twilight" fan. "The invincibility of them, the powers - just their attitudes are so superior."

Deann said she got into the "Twilight" saga with her mother, Rosanna Fossati, 50.

"I love the romance in it. I always have. And I'm a romantic, so I love the chivalry of Edward. I was always Team Edward," Rosanna said, laughing.

The pair bonds over the movies, they said, but not the books. Deann, a die-hard "Harry Potter" fan, refuses to read "Twilight."

"I feel like I would be betraying 'Harry Potter' if I became a 'Twilight' fan, book-wise. So I have refused to read the books,"' Deann said.

But she is excited to see "Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part 2" on opening night with her mom and two friends, Caitlin Carter, 23, and Vickie Molnoskey, 23.

"I'm nervous about the ending - who is going to end up with who, and I don't know what kind of powers her daughter has or what kind of powers she has," Deann said about Bella.

Rosanna, who pulled all-nighters to finish the books, hasn't spoiled the ending for her daughter.



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