Years ago for Sunday, Nov 18, 2012

Nov. 15, 2012 at 5:15 a.m.


Nov. 19 - H.V. Hanley, a prominent citizen of Goliad County who owns Fannin's Battleground and considerable land surrounding it, while in Victoria today stated that he would donate the battlefield to the state if the state would convert it into a park.

Nov. 21 - Manager Hauschild of Hauschild's Opera House telephoned to several nearby towns yesterday to ascertain something about the character of Moredock and Watson's Minstrels, which are to give a performance here tonight, and they were spoken of favorably in every instance and declared to be great laugh producers. These are all-white minstrels, and have a fine band and orchestra. The price will be 50 cents, 75 cents and $1.

Nov. 24 - L. Welder Daniel, manager of the Victoria Motor Car Company, is carrying on negotiations to secure the local agency of Packard automobiles, which are among the finest cars built. Mr. Daniel's company is practically assured of the agency, but it will be necessary for him to visit the Packard factory, which is located in Detroit, in this connection. He expects to make the trip in a few days.


Nov. 20 - Holiday Specials: Permanent Waves: $1 and $2; Tri-Art Oil Waves, $3.50; Duchess or True Art, $5. End Curls, $1.50 and up. Fair Dame Beauty Shop.

Today at the Uptown: Irene Dunn and Cary Grant in "The Awful Truth," with Ralph Bellamy, Alexander D'Arcy and Cecil Cunningham.

Nov. 23 - Captain Robert Earl (Shorty) Loyd, flashy little quarterback who has been leading the 1937 Victoria High School football team to glorious victories this year, was victorious in a campaign sponsored by the Long Theaters of this city, in which Loyd was elected as being "The Perfect Specimen of Good Sportsmanship."


Nov. 20 - Victoria will have its bus system, with the "mechanics of operation" to be worked out by City Manager John Lee. The decision came on a 3-1 vote Monday evening on a motion by Councilman J.E. Weatherly Jr., who had proposed the bus system more than a year ago. Weatherly, Councilmen C.C. Carsner Jr. and John Stockbauer voted for the bus system, with Councilman T.H. Evans voting "no." Council, also, named Col. A.A. Akin, John Folger and former Councilman T.O. Miracle to the Victoria Planning Commission, succeeding W.O. Love, Ed Pribyl and Albert York.

Nov. 22 - Victoria's gasoline price war grew hotter Wednesday as regular fuel was being sold for as low as 21.9 cents a gallon at most independently owned and several major company stations.


Nov. 18 - Debating the pros and cons of the government's strategic defense initiative plan, Thomas A. Halsted and William A. Rusher managed to agree on one point Tuesday - SDI, more popularly known as Star Wars, has potential as a bargaining tool to achieve arms control.

Just to what extent and how Star Wars can be used to soften the Soviet Union is another topic of disagreement. Rusher, publisher of the National Review, and Halsted, a noted intelligence expert, expressed differing, clearcut opinions.

The pair outlined their differing viewpoint on high tech nuclear weaponry and arms control in the fourth of six Victoria College Lyceum programs. Staged before an audience of several hundred at Victoria College Auditorium, their debate was the John W. Stormont Distinguished Lecture for the current Lyceum season.

Halsted looks at Star Wars as a "bargaining chip" to help in building arms control. He would like to see it presented as an example of what the United States is capable of putting together if there is a need. But, he would not like to see the introduction of space weaponry.

On the other hand, Rusher believes the promise of American satellite missiles "could raise doubt in the Soviets" about their first strike capabilities. Rusher noted that Halsted calls for "hardheaded" negotiations, but what brought the Soviets to the bargaining table was Reagan's buildup of arms.



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