Ask Chuck: Flattering fall flips

By Charles Colson
Nov. 15, 2012 at 5:15 a.m.

Now that our holiday season is getting into swing, do you have any good tips on fall fashion cuts we can suggest to our hairdresser?

As a matter of fact, yes. It is a perfect time to change your hair style for the fall season. Thanks to magazines like "Women's Health and Fashions," we can obtain several helpful hints that create little or no problems.

Through this series of questions, I would like to address several popular fall fashion cuts. These cuts, now under new names, have been in effect for many years, kinda like "There's nothing new under the sun." They just bring us up to date on the latest fashion language for hair. They fortunately include many lengths that will compliment short or long styles.

For example, one is called the bouncy bombshell: an off-center part visually minimizes the width of the forhead. Face-framing layers also soften an angular chin and draw attention to attractive eyes and cheekbones. This usually calls for a cut that falls below the collarbone with textured layers from the jaw down. Don't be alarmed if the hairdresser picks up the tapering (thinning) shears; they are using them just for tapering purposes. It doesn't mean they are cutting out bulk.

For a perfect pro styling trick, use a two-inch round brush and blow-dry in the opposite direction that hair falls naturally. When finished, flip the hair back and watch it have more volume, and just wait for the phenomenal complements. Remember, you are worth it.

I have actually heard of a new cut called the tip-top. Is this a simple style to ask for?

This is flattering by having longer, tousled layers through the crown area. This gives a perky, slightly rounded silhouette that counteracts the angles of a square jaw-line. Ask for a crop that has texturized layers on top and short graduating layers on the sides and back.

Now for another pro style trick, dab a pea-size amount of texturizing cream onto fingertips, then ruffle through dry hair starting at the back and moving forward to the crown and front.

In other words, concentrate on massaging the cream through the hair and making sure you take it to the scalp so that you will attain the best lift for body from the scalp out. Just think of it as a dab more attention to get professional results.

But I have shorter hair, is there any help for me looking more fashionable?

Most definitely. One of the latest cuts for you would be called the kicker. You may ask, how is this so flattering? This is great for a flipped-out bob that instantly draws the eyes horizontally and adds balance to a longer face. This cut creates a soft, airy feel to fine hair and simply adds fullness. Think of it as letting it all fluff out, and I guarantee it will complement your hair color. Keep in mind, no matter how short or long your hair may be, creating an oval appearance in your finishing hair style is the perfect goal.

Sounds great Chuck. Have any more helpful advise for short layers all over, which happened when I didn't want a short hair cut?

Yes, would you believe there is a style for you, too? One is called the curlicue. This is perfect for natural wavy hair or one that has been slightly permed and not too tight. This is a wash and go cut with springy layers which create an illusion of the eyes being drawn upward and certainly shows off their beauty. This is perfect if you prefer shorter lengths around the face and sides and maybe somewhat longer layers at the base of the style. Just gamble and let it all flip out naturally. Go for the gusto.

For our smart finishing trick, use a touch of curl defining mousse through damp hair and scrunch with a towel; finger-twist small sections into ringlets and let air-dry.

Man, how gorgeous can you get with all these fall fashion flips? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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