GOYEN FISHIN': Trout fishing on coast up and down

Nov. 17, 2012 at 5:17 a.m.
Updated Nov. 18, 2012 at 5:18 a.m.

Mallory Thurmon caught and released this 31-inch redfish while fishing the Mid-Coas Speedy Stop Guides Cup. The fish hit a root beer gold gulp shrimp under an Almeda cork. She was fishing with Capt. Danny Goyen.

Mallory Thurmon caught and released this 31-inch redfish while fishing the Mid-Coas Speedy Stop Guides Cup. The fish hit a root beer gold gulp shrimp under an Almeda cork. She was fishing with Capt. Danny Goyen.

Hello Anglers!

It's good to be back talking about what I love to do most and that's fishing along the Texas Coast. This is Christmas in November.

This past week's cold front dropped water temperatures into the upper 50's and lower 60's for the first time since last March. This should cause a major change in trout fishing.

Trout enthusiasts have been waiting for this since early spring. Catching "quality" sized speckled trout on artificial baits will now be more consistent with colder temperatures present.

Trout fishing the past six weeks has been up and down. One day the fish seem to prefer soft plastics, while the next they go after live shrimp.

Warmer than usual water temperatures have been the main cause for this type of bite. Now trout will be much easier to pattern and the majority of the time larger trout will even prefer a soft plastic lure over a natural bait.

With no rain the past month rivers, creeks, canals and channels will also be holding solid trout and reds. As the water continues to get colder more fish will move into these deep water areas.

There is a large group of anglers in the Coastal Bend area that can't wait to fish in the Port Lavaca and Colorado River, Garcitas Creek, Victoria Barge Canal, Six Mile, Harbors off the Intercoastal Waterway and many other deep holes.

This should also start the shrimp migration from the back marshes to the Gulf. Most fishermen and fisherwomen begin to get a little frisky when colder weather arrives. Well guess who else gets frisky . the fish!

Trout over 20 inches will begin to eat more in preparation for the cold winter months and upcoming late winter spawn. You will notice trout will be extremely fat until at least April!

An inconsistent bite the past few weeks has continued to label me the hero or zero among those who have been on my boat.

Throw in several days of the wind blowing over 30 mph and you get very few fishable days. We've still managed to partially fill my icebox with some real nice trout even in less than favorable conditions.

The bays are still full of game fish and extremely full of mullet. But as I've mentioned before, being in the right place at the right time is crucial.

We've caught some very nice sized trout on a variety of baits. Everyone has his and her favorites. When you go to a buffet you don't usually eat one item, you eat several items.

Trout will hit a variety of baits but sometimes will not hit a variety of colors. We've been catching the biggest fish on the Blue Back Chrome-colored MirrOlure Top Dog and Super Spook. I'm usually a jigger and not a slow roller when it comes to throwing soft plastics but slow rolling a Gambler Flapping Shad has worked the best lately.

There are some new colors at the Tackle Box and they are awesome. One color is the Port-O-Copper and the Chad's Neapolitan. The Port-O-Copper was designed by Brandon Fredrick and the Chad's Neopolitan was designed by Chad Peterek. Also any soft plastic lure that has "chicken" on the package has been very effective.

Now is also the time to pull out the Corkys. This is definitely one of the best wintertime lures on the Coast. All three tackle dealers in Victoria have a good supply of Corkys.

I know this happened a month ago but I would like to thank 20 Middle Coast guides and 20 buyers for their participation in the Mid-Coast Speedy Stop Guides Cup.

This was a first class tournament held out of the Sanctuary in Port O'Connor on October 12. This was a live weigh-in tournament with over 80 percent of the fish being released alive into Texas Parks and Wildlife's holding tank at the weigh-in.

These fish were taken to the Corpus hatchery and will be used for the upcoming spawn. After the spawn the fingerlings will be stocked back into our bays. How awesome is that!

Here are some of the results:

Good Fishin'

Captain Danny Goyen

Danny Goyen is an outdoor writer and speaker. He has been guiding on the Texas Coast for over 25 years.



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