Years ago for Sunday, Nov 25, 2012

Nov. 22, 2012 at 5:22 a.m.


Nov. 26 - The Union Thanksgiving services will be held in Hauschild's Opera House Thursday at 10:30 a.m. The program will consist of music by the choirs of the city, a memorial address in memory of the Hon. G.A. Levi and Mrs. Theresa Levi by C.F. Carsner and a sermon by Rev. J.F. Pennybacker. The offering will be given to the Kings' Daughters for a relief fund. The decorations on the platform will consist of gifts of groceries, fruits, canned goods, etc. The citizenship of the town and country is cordially invited.

Nov. 28 - A stove invented by H.E. Atterberry of this city is creating quite a sensation here. The first one was created in J.W. Calhoun's grocery store yesterday, and is being inspected by scores of citizens. The stove is really two stoves in one, and has been demonstrated to use less than half the fuel of any other stove and to give nearly twice as much heat. Its arrangement makes it both a fine cooking and heating stove. Local capitalists have interested themselves in the invention, and will soon erect a large factory here for the manufacture of the stove as well as safe factory in the South.


Nov. 27 - Victorians returning from the "duck wars" Saturday brought back trophies in the form of bag limits of ducks and a few geese, bagged the first day of the 1937 season. Among the Victorians who reported bag limits of 10 ducks for the first day were D.D. Hiller, Pete Scholze, Jimmie Sala, Cecil Frank and M.J. Hampton.


Nov. 29 - The Victoria firemen were among eleven men to finish a Red Cross instructor's course Wednesday and receive graduate patches from Robert Erskine, county first aid chairman. The firemen were Tony Haschke, Jimmy Brooks, Clarence Batts, Gary Johnson, Jack Holder, Herb Whitley, D.A. West, Casey Jones, Otto Miller and Edward Kurtz. Ray Placette of McCabe-Carruth Funeral Home also completed the course and received a patch.


Nov. 25 - The Rev. Harold A. Pearson installed the general board and circle officers of the First English Lutheran Church women at their annual Thankoffering Ingathering held recently.

Officers installed were: Marie Sievers, president; Peggy Faulkner, secretary; and Denise Pakebusch, secretary of stewardship. Circle chairmen installed were Peggy Faulkner, Esther Circle; Dorothy Bohn, Joanna Circle; Lillian Lau and Virginia Swanson, Lydia Circle; Edna Johnson, Naomi Circle; Kellie Pesek, Rachel Circle; Dolores Larson, Rebecca Circle; and Mildred Metting, Ruth Circle. Kirsten Eppinger was installed as vice-president of the Rachel Circle and Marie Jecker vice-president of the Ruth Circle.

Secretaries of education installed were Willie Hutchison, Ruth Heller, Beth Sievers, Lucy Allen, Denise Pakebusch, Verna Salm and Mary Evelyn Hillmer. Stewardship secretaries installed were Toni May, Gail Norris, Amarylis Tschirhart, Minnie Glover, Sandra Serold, Aileen Wehlmann and Junelda Alex. Margaret Hamon was installed as treasurer of the Rachel Circle and Esther Legan as secretary-treasurer of the Ruth Circle.

Naomi Circle new members are Carrie Parsons and Elvie Roessler. The Ruth Circle welcomed back Mary Evelyn Hillmers.

Nov. 30 - In a windowless center of the old Gross High campus on South Depot, Victoria Independent School District operates a center "for children who need a place to adjust."

So explains Roy Foley, director of the Off-Campus Suspension Center, the boys-only, three-classroom disciplinary center that has replaced the former Alternative School this fall.

"We get some bright children," says Foley, a soft-spoken math and science teacher who doubles as the new center's director.

Being punished for breaking school rules doesn't mean these boys, mostly teenagers, are lacking in intellectual capacity, says Foley. Some of the 17 youths assigned to the center this month are studying chemistry, physics and geometry, he points out.

Girls aren't sent to the Off-Campus Suspension Center, but are suspended in on-campus centers, he explains. Nor do all boys get sent to the off-campus center for disciplinary punishment. Some boys stay in the on-campus centers.

What is noticeably different from the Alternative School is the atmosphere.



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