Oceans For Emotions: With age 'want' and 'won't' get equal time

By Elaine Wheat
Nov. 23, 2012 at 5:23 a.m.

"And it came to pass in those days...."

- Luke 2: 1

A good friend asked the other day if I fish as much as I used to. I tried to answer her honest question with an honest reply, "Yes and no." She is an educator, too, so, she knew that that was an evasive, educational answer if she had ever heard one. Since then I have chosen to give her my "really" reply.

Carol, in answer to your question if I fish as much as I used to, I will have to reply, no, but, yes. I fish as much as I want. When you get our age, want and won't get equal time.

I used to go fishing and get one fishing article from that trip.

Now, when I go fishing, I spend more time looking outward at the ocean and inward looking, "soul surfing," and our God supplies me with more than enough of His "fish food" to use for several articles.

Of course I want more fishing trips but after fishing for three-quarters of a century, it seems like the fishing tackle gets heavier, the stringer gets more knots, the rocks seem to chase me and the fish are obviously getting faster and I'm obviously getting slower and Red Lobster keeps having all you can eat specials.

Now, you got me, Carol. Just thinking about going to the ocean made me want to go fishing. All I want to catch is my limit of trout, Reds and two flounder and the four articles God has waiting for me.

See you later. Old Friend.

Dear Lord, Thank You for truly blessing me with great friends, family and fish. Who could ask for anything more?



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