Fall Art Show winners

Nov. 27, 2012 at 5:27 a.m.

Marilyn Key, first place with "Cautious Advance"

Marilyn Key, first place with "Cautious Advance"

The Victoria Art League recently had its 2012 Fall Art Show at 905 S. Bridge St. Margo Thorn, longtime artist and teacher from the Port Lavaca Art Guild, served as judge.

Best of Show winner is Amber Stratman with her "South by Southwest."

The artists that placed in the top three or received an honorable mention are listed in their various categories and divisions:

• Category A - Painting, not under glass or Plexiglass

Division I:

First place - Marilyn Key with "Cautious Advance"

Second place - Linda Wells with "Gulf Coast Morning"

Third place - Marilyn Key with "Texas Melody"

HM - Linda Wells with "Morning on the Marsh"

HM - Sidney Johnston with "American Eagle"

HM - Sidney Johnston with "Blue Waterfalls"

Division II:

First place - Dave Ludlow with "Texas Hill Country"

Second place - Peggy Yandell with "Trail of Color"

Third place - Marie Frankson with "Cotton Balls"

HM - Marie Frankson with "Delta Queen Blues"

HM - Earl Smith with "Girls on Beach"

HM - Peggy Yandell with "Hill Country Vista"

Division III:

First place - Amber Stratman with "Daisy"

Second place - Amber Stratman with "Montana"

Third place - Mary Smith with "New Mexico Aspens"

HM - Gloria Vasquez with "The Last Ride"

HM - Steven Lewis with "Full Time Resident"

• Category B - Painting, under glass

Division I:

Second place - Jean Weeks with Patio Garden"

Division II:

First place - Linda Swickheimer with "Winter Evening"

Second place - Henry Chacon with "Anthony"

Division III:

First place - Paula Kainer with "On Gossamer Wings"

Second place - Paula Kainer with "Day Lilies"

Third place - Mary Smith with "Orchard at Aztec, New Mexico"

HM - Steven Lewis with "Jauden Chases Seagulls"

HM - Steven Lewis with "Port Lavaca"

HM - Steven Lewis with "Fishing at Sunrise"

Division IV:

First place - Roxana Blanton with "Morse Code"

Second place - Roxana Blanton with "In Full Bloom"• Category C - Drawing

Division II:

First place - Peggy Yandell with "Birdwatching"• Category D - Mixed Media

Division II:

First place - Linda Strickland with "Carlos"

Second place - Joe Lewis with "Good Fortune"

• Category E - Photography

Division I:

First place - Jim Feig with "Lobster Boats"

Second place - Jim Feig with "Red Daisy"

Division III:

First place - William A. Powell with "Untitled B and W"

Second place - Sally Stansel with "Passion"

Third place - Janice Carrigen with "Abandoned"

HM - William A. Powell with "Untitled"

HM - Janice Carrigen with "Sunny"

HM - Lisa Celeste with "The Skies No Limit"• Category F - Digital Art

Division I:

First place - Jim Feig with "Painted Church"

Second place - Jim Feig with "Night Birds"• Category I - Traditional Printmaking

Division II:

Third place - Christine Thieme with "Backyard Bird"



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