Seeking closure on the ice

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

Nov. 28, 2012 at 5:28 a.m.

I have the worst time getting over things.

At the height of the worst of collegiate dramas, I'd find myself in the unassuming corner of somebody's kitchen, circling the rim of my wine glass, in a focused simmer.

Visions of heavy Midwestern snowflakes, and autumn leaves gradual browning from their punctuating yellows and auburn, assured the drama's passing and promise of the future.

The change in wardrobe, shoes and switch to unscented lotions were always welcome transformations.

Relying on the dramatic shift of seasons to exercise ghosts from the past, isn't exactly the smartest thing to do around these parts.

And so this year, I'll have to make do with what my surroundings have to offer.

Starting Thursday through Saturday, the magic of ice skating in the Lone Star State comes to Christmas in Goliad.

And get this - skates are provided.

This will be Goliad's first time bringing artificial ice to its courthouse square.

"Christmas in Goliad is such a great event with lots of traditions," event coordinator Bridgette Bise said. "People will be able to ice skate regardless of the weather."

The synthetic ice skating rink will be leased out using state monies from the Texas Main Street Program.

Artificial Ice Events sales representative Frank DelMedico, said the company likes to rent its supplies out to small towns and army bases for at reduced rates.

"They need to provide people with things to do," DelMedico said. "We like to help stimulate those smaller economies."

On average, for a town the size of Goliad - a 1,908 populous according to the 2010 U.S. Census - DelMedico said, the company charges about $8,000 for a three-day rental.

While there currently no pending horrific dramas in my life, a little bit of blade running on the ice doesn't sound too shabby of a way to spend the afternoon.

See you on the ice.



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