Tour De Taco: The Breakfast Edition

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

Nov. 28, 2012 at 5:28 a.m.

Tour de Taco

Tour de Taco

First there was Tour De Donut - a test of endurance, stamina and gut. Fourteen people, divided into four teams, set out to devour fresh-baked doughnuts in Victoria one Sunday morning in August 2011. We hit six doughnut shops and by the end of it, we were full of sugar and carbohydrates, and ready for the sugar-induced comas that were impossible to avoid.

After a slow and painful recovery (some of us will never look at a doughnut the same) and from the depths of our guts, a brave few were ready to face the next culinary challenge Victoria had set out for us. Though our beloved little city is home to more than half a dozen doughnut shops, that pales in comparison to how many breakfast taco joints she hides on her streets.

They are little brick buildings, old renovated homes and parts of strip malls. They are our salvation when the hunger pains hit after we get to work and they make us feel so much better after a long of night of drinks. Thus, with the combined efforts of the brave and hungry, we birthed Tour De Taco: The Breakfast Edition.

After each of us suffered through 10 doughnuts, we made the decision to make Tour De Taco a group effort. Eight of us split into three groups, and hit up four of the eight breakfast taco places in the area.

Instead of tackling an entire taco at each restaurant, the groups were responsible for trying one or two types of tacos at each place in order to judge and rate them on taste, flavor and the restaurant's atmosphere.

There were so many factors: tortillas, salsa, eggs, drinks, choices of fillings, etc. In the end, the tortillas and doneness of the eggs were the biggest factors.

Keep in mind some tacos will vary significantly. For example, some places don't cook their chorizo enough, so it becomes a greasy mess, while other places leave the bacon whole versus others that cut it into small pieces.

Another thing to consider is when you go and how many other people there are waiting in line to order their very own warm breakfast taco. TNT is known for its long lines, inside and out, but it's worth it (have you ever had their Spam and egg breakfast taco?). Whether it's nestled in a plastic basket with delicatessen paper, wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil or brought out on a Styrofoam plate, you're bound to eat something good. Fix it to you liking: hit it with some salsa, pair it with a hot mug of coffee or a tall glass of milk.

Sure, it may take you more time to order and wait for it, but that's OK. Your stomach will thank you, and you can turn your focus back onto work or whatever it was before the hunger pains hit.

In the end, the tortillas and doneness of the eggs were the biggest factors. Give me a fluffy tortilla and eggs that are cooked through, but still juicy and I will show you a happy customer. A happily stuffed customer.

Try your share at it. Pick your four from the list, do it in one morning and tell us which taco joint is boss.

Hit me up on Twitter, @eatseatseats, or email me at Share your favorite taco joints with us and I'll give them a Chomp.



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