BOWLING:Snow blankets pins for top spot

Nov. 29, 2012 at 5:29 a.m.

Scott Snow crushed the pins for a big 257 high game on his way to the weekly high series.

Competing in the Friday Mixed League, Snow added games of 240 and 201 to his total for a nice 698 series.

Mike Osterson posted the second high set with a 690 pinfall.

Other scores of note for the men were David Matthews (688), Steve Dickinson (660/657), Korey Bryan (657), John Figueroa (657), Mark Paymiyer (278-656), David Flores (655), Calvin Bigham (654), Rick Kalmus (246-650), Justin Smith (258), Steve Zeplin (249), and Randy Vivero (248).

With four leagues not competing due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the number of high scores was limited.

Chrisitne Speer provided the only women's highlight this week with games of 237 and 205 helping towards a 614 series in the Monday Mixed League.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers of the week were Matt Mathieu 723 (Over The Hill) and Tiffany Pucciarello 651 (Monday Mixed).

The bowling season is in the midst of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's''s Eve holidays, so it is easy to forget about the Texas State USBC Open being held in San Antonio next year.

Now is the time to start getting your teams together for the state competition.

The 2013 tournament has a scratch division for bowlers with a 219 average or higher and four other lower divisions, which will be handicapped on 90 percent of 220.

This new format should give every bowler, regardless of average an opportunity to win some money.

The entry deadline is Feb. 15, but submit your entries earlier for choice of dates and times.

The women's state tournament will be held in Houston and the entry deadline is not until March 15.

The Professional Bowlers Association is adding team competition during the winter swing of the PBA Tour next year.

The league will consist of eight teams, which will be led by the top eight point earners from last season as Franchise Players. These eight players will select four additional players, plus a supplemental player to fill out their teams for the PBA League.

Based on the PBA League draft lottery, Norm Duke who finished sixth in points last season, will get the first pick. Other franchise players and following Duke in order of first round picks are Pete Weber, Bill O'Neill, Jason Belmonte, Mike Fagan, Sean Rash, Chris Barnes, and Osku Palermaa.

There were a total of 141 PBA members declaring themselves for the draft, so it will be interesting to see who the lottery picks will be.

The first televised bowling competition will be on ESPN on Dec. 9 at noon, with the WTBA Bayer Advanced Aspirin World Bowling Tour Finals for men and women.

FALL SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST LIL MONSTERS Men: M. Osterson 237-690; C. Bigham 234-654; T. Arnold 616; R. Verduzco 601; R. Vivero 233-591; J. Hernandez 245-586; P. Trevino 225-565; G. Verduzco 552; E. Smith 551; OVER THE HILL 1ST HAS BEENS Women: C. Goode 514; Men: J. Figueroa 224-657; A. Garcia 228-619; M. Mathieu 234-604; M. Almendaez 602; A. Hempel 599; A. Scheffer 569; E. Stevens Jr. 565; S. Gritta 555; D. Persilver 542; B. Alex 539; C. Maldonado 536; R. Est5rada 536; J. Simmons 510; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: D. Matthews 242-688; M. Pahmiyer 278-656; D. Flores 225-655; R. Kalmus 246-650; S. Zeplin 249-633; J. Tweedle 236-628; T. Crowe 225-626; B. Marques 625; R. Vivero 248-625; J. Matson 235-618; L. Stroud 225-608; R. Thompson 607; R. Martinez 603; T. Pfuhl 600; A. Suarez 600; J. Rodriguez 598; K. Schupbach 596; A. Garcia 584; R. Verduzco 579; D. blohm 578; M. Stacy 569; J. Guerra 561; J. Molina 560; A. Flores 555; W. Parker 245-552; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: C. Speer 237-614; R. Martinez 522; Men: S. Dickinson 237-660; M. Redding 602; B.J. Rubio 595; B. Mooney 582; R. Bassano 580; J. Silgero 574; B. Redding 568; T. Tanner 228-568; K. Mayer 233-555; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST SENTRY HEALTHCARE Women: M. Bonus 553; D. Gabrysch 207-548; L. Popp 211-525; Men: S. Snow 257-698; S. Dickinson 227-657; K. Bryan 235-657; T.J. Mooney 232-642; M. Conchola 228-639; J. Smith 258-638; N. DeLaGarza 602; W. Reyna 597; R. Morris 573; K. Blake 234-572; R. Gabrysch 556; D. Loya 552; J. Longoria 236;



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