Candidate will be full-time commissioner for you

Oct. 2, 2012 at 5:02 a.m.

Tony Mallette is the Republican candidate for the office of Victoria County Commissioner Precinct 1.

Tony Mallette is the Republican candidate for the office of Victoria County Commissioner Precinct 1.

We all know Victoria is in a boom period. Rapid expansion of services provided by the city and the county are part of the business issues, which require careful research, innovative thought, planning and resolution. Our county is reliant mainly on property taxes and then has to merge business plan expenditures into confined political boundaries. There are many issues that surround the duties of the commissioner, I feel full-time dedication is required to provide the best for the county and its citizens. I pledge full-time dedication to the responsibilities of the commissioner. Candidates for offices, such as county commissioner, should self evaluate their talent, ability, ethics and dedication before filing for the office. Experience as a business owner, financial analyst, industrial engineer, manager of security operations and a Texas Peace Officer are other factors of consideration used in my self evaluation. Self evaluation has given me the confidence that I will serve with stellar effectiveness and performance. I further pledge to support the will of the people in my business practices.

The day of the old-time commissioner is over. He would take his personal truck into the field. The bed of the truck filled with asphalt and he would patch potholes. (Truly a function of the past.) Victoria County is blessed with experienced and knowledgeable staff to build and maintain our roads, bridges and drainage systems. It is important that we look at some of the responsibilities of the county commissioner:

1. Develop a budget for county operations.

2. Create offices, boards and commissions to carry out certain purposes.

3. Setting salaries, expenses and allowances.

4. Construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and drainage not part of the state highway system.

5. Providing buildings and offices for county operations.

6. Issue bonds for construction and projects/management of debt incurred by sale of bonds.

7. Contracts with other governments and local entities.

8. Filling vacancies for certain elected and appointed officials.

9. Holding general and special elections.

10. Setting the tax rate.

11. Authorizing expenditures.

12. Develop ordinances as needed for community protection.

13. Put one-, three-, five- and 10-year plans in place to develop infrastructure.

14. Apply for all state and federal grants possible.

The reporting of concerns from the citizen is primary in a teamwork effort for better government. In many cases, to truly understand a problem or complaint, we must visit our citizens in the field and design a solution, together. The commissioner should also be in the field to drive the roads, evaluate emergency responses, drainage, littering and talk to our taxpayers. Team building techniques will be used in getting the job done smoothly in a timely manner and with minimum cost. Another pledge is to establish a direct published phone number, in addition to the county phone number, and an email address/website for Precinct 1 for continuous availability. Your vote and your support is needed to carry out your goals for our future. You can start being part of the team, to make our county better, by voting for me in the November general election. You are my boss. I will work for you.

Tony Mallette is the Republican candidate for the office of Victoria County Commissioner Precinct 1. Voters can reach him with comments or questions at



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