Ask Chuck: Losing hair....should I be alarmed?

By Charles Colson
Oct. 4, 2012 at 5:04 a.m.

I recently got a perm that turned out miserable for me to control. I am even losing hair as a result. Does this affect new hair coming in?

This problem is usually superficial and can be resolved with a professional trim and using good products for future shampooing and conditioning. I do remember your phone call asking me to explain what happened since you said the operator completely ignored some of your perm processing and now your hair is frizzed to a great degree. This goes back to one of my recent articles about making sure your stylist has only your hair care needs her main concern. You also mentioned how the operator's attention was mainly on other people in the salon. I realize you also instructed her to just give you a body wave with not much curl. Everyone reading this should always feel it necessary and important to remind your stylist that when you pay full price for their services, you should demand full attention.

As far as you feel your hair is falling out, probably it is a simple case of just breaking off in different areas. Since you mentioned you also had fine lymph hair, I fully agree with you that only body waves should be applied in the future. It is better for a more natural look even it it means getting perms a little more often.

Permanent hair coloring is now perfected so well, this is another way to achieve that natural loose body that many desire. I have often seen where fine, lymph hair may only need hair coloring without ever needing perming again. I agree with you. The friz biz look just doesn't create any attractivness for any hair style. And always make sure that any hair stylist you go to knows you are worth keeping as a client. Many times it is wise to get other opinions. You may enjoy the change.

Is there a way I can control hair loss before it is too late?

Very good question. Hair loss can be normal as well as becoming a permanent problem. Many times during the year, our hair can easily shed so new growth can begin. This is quite evident when we just see hair strands showing up in our brushes. Usually this occurs more in the winter and spring. So in this case it is nothing to become alarmed about. And you probably don't have the serious disease you think you might. Always use good products, shampoos and conditioners, and you will enjoy the benefits. Try someone who knows what they are doing. Remember it's your hair we are talking about.

Keratin is a vital vitamin that hair needs to stay healthy. Many times when hair is dry, dull and feels like straw, it is lacking certain vitamins to bring it back to life. Reading the labels on , especially good products, is extremely wise. Another good vitamin for hair is Biotin , which like Keratin, creates strong elastisity in hair and helps give it luster and sheen. Oftentimes these vitamins need to be replaced when hair is permed, colored or over blowdryed. Never feel uneasy if you have over processed your hair, a good professional stylist knows how to bring it back to life. They still have neat tricks in their back pockets, as they say.

Since you are so educated with different types of hair, it seems like my pet Yorkie is quite uncomfortable because of her bulky hair. Can I feel free to ask the groomer to thin it out some and still keep the style?

Even pets, as little people too and far beyond Yorkies, feel hot and uncomfortable with lots of thick hair. The answer is definitely yes. Just make sure your groomer knows the meaning of proper thinning. Can you imagine how much prancing a cool pet would enjoy showing off. Can you handle more licks of love?

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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