Life At Its Best: Believe in midst of failure

By Jim Graff
Oct. 5, 2012 at 5:05 a.m.

I recently heard a story about an assassin from North Korea. One day, he and 33 other men were commissioned to kill the president of South Korea. Thirty soldiers from South Korea were killed, along with 31 of the 33 assassins from North Korea.

This man survived, but was held captive by a Christian general. After interrogating the killer, the man did something unusual. He began sharing the Gospel and speaking to the man about what his life could be. He gave his life to Christ right there in the prison. And his future only got brighter.

This man went on to establish a godly family, and now serves as a pastor, sharing God's message of hope with thousands of people every week. It's amazing what happens when we believe in people in the midst of their failure.

If we're honest, many of us have people in our lives we've written off, thinking they'll never change, but we can't give up on them. Like that general, we must see them, not for their past or present, but for the potential God has placed inside of them. No one's out of God's reach, and when we learn to view people from His perspective, we'll see lives drastically changed.

When we look at God's Word, we see two keys to living with that kind of life-changing faith. First, when someone becomes a believer, we must learn to relate to them in a redemptive way. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."

When someone comes to Christ, He forgets their past sins and focuses on the future they have in Him. He's called us to do the same. We should begin looking at people with new eyes and focusing on what God can do through them.

Secondly, we must begin redeeming worth rather than rehearsing over and over again the wrong in people's lives. In 1 Timothy 1:15, Paul said, "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners - of whom I'm the worst."

Paul had done a lot of things he wasn't proud of, but he understood that, through Jesus, he was redeemed from his sins and could enter into a relationship with Him. It's vital that we continuously remind others of that same truth.

Everyone has done things they're not proud of. God hasn't called us to remind each other of our past, but of the worth we have in him. When we do, we help others build confidence in who they are in Christ and pursue the life he has for them.

Who do you know that's living outside God's best? I encourage you, don't give up on them. Recognize and encourage the potential God's placed inside of them.

Then, remind them of the incredible worth and purpose they have. You can help others enter into God's best.

Jim Graff is the senior pastor of Faith Family Church in Victoria.



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