Years ago for Sunday, Oct 21, 2012

Oct. 18, 2012 at 5:18 a.m.


Oct. 24 - John J. Welder on yesterday evening awarded the contract to the Gordon-Jones Construction Company of San Antonio for the erection of the five-story business building. The contract will be signed in the course of a few days and it is expected that work will be started on the building within two weeks. A large force of men will be engaged in the work, and the building is expected to be ready for occupancy by July 1 of next year.

Oct. 26 - The late rains have packed the roads recently built in this Commissioner's Precinct, and they present a fine appearance. They have since been rolled and rounded, and may be traveled over with almost the ease of asphalt pavement. County Judge Pool and the county commissioners together with the Citizens Advisory Committee, contractors and County Engineer Gueringer, are being highly praised for the capable manner in which the work has been done. In fact, the splendor of Victoria County's roads is now the talk of the state, and County Judge Pool is receiving invitations daily to deliver addresses in other counties on the methods pursued here.


Oct. 21 - Coach Hester (Stump) Evans' Junior High School 11 is ready for the game on Patti Welder Field here tonight with the Wynn Seale Junior High of Corpus Christi. Here's his squad: J. Schlein, J. Nichols, J. Bielstein, D. Brimage, C. Taylor, A. Morris, A. Elder, E.W. Clark, L. Rogers, B. Flynn, C. Coons, F. Diebel, J. Cadden, S. Whitcomb, P. Garner, R. Ball, B. Newberry and W. Loyd.


Oct. 23 - Four students from Victoria County are among 29 seniors who will compete for two $2,500 Alcoa foundation scholarships to be awarded next spring. The Victoria County students are Louise Clary and Andrew Gonzales Jr., Victoria High School seniors, and Rebecca Jones and Jeannette Mendel, Bloomington High School seniors.

Oct. 25 - One of four selected Victoria High School students may earn an opportunity to represent the city and nation as an unofficial ambassador of good will in the home of a foreign family. The students are participating in the Americans Abroad program, sponsored by the American Field Service, which provides U.S. students with an opportunity to spend a year across the sea. Mrs. Henry Sassman, coordinator of the Victoria Chapter of the organization, said Tuesday the final decision now rests with the New York office of the agency. The students are Joyce Hendy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Hendy; Norman Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Jones; Jim Nichols, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nichols; and Clifford Rowell Jr., son of Mrs. and Mrs. Clifford Rowell. The results will be announced sometime in January.

Oct. 27 - In view of the gravity of the international situation as sparked by the current Cuban crisis, The Victoria Advocate will publish in its entirety this Sunday a Department of Defense booklet titled "Fallout Protection - What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack." The booklet, prepared by the Office of Civil Defense by director of President John F. Kennedy to Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, will be in the form of a tabloid-size section of The Advocate, distributed with the regular Sunday edition. In both words and pictures, the booklet tells how to survive and live on after exposure to radiation, fire, storms and other devastating effects in connection with possible nuclear attack.


Oct. 22 - State Treasurer Ann W. Richards said Wednesday she's hopeful Monday's stock market plunge won't result in a recession, because Texas' economy is in a fragile condition.

She said it is just now beginning to recover from the loss of oil-and-gas revenues and a recession could only hurt efforts now under way.

"We all have our fingers crossed," Ms. Richards said. "When you talk about recession, you're talking about unemployment."

She pointed out statewide unemployment is beginning to improve and tax collections are up. She said a recession could reverse those promising trends.

Ms. Richards discussed the state of Texas' economy Wednesday while in Victoria to visit friends and to address a meeting of the Professional Women's Group. She answered questions about the stock market's impact on Texas and her political future after speaking to the women's group at the Ramada Inn.

Ms. Richards said while she isn't sure how likely a recession is as a result of Monday's Wall Street action, she is certain the state's treasury investments are safe.

"I want to assure you the treasury is just fine," she said. "If anything, Monday's action may have increased the value of certain treasury securities."

She explained that by law her office is limited to certain types of investments, such as deposits in interest bearing accounts in Texas financial institutions, U.S. Treasury bills and other U.S. agency securities, and short-term repurchase agreements.



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