Jack Marr: Candidate says he will be fair, honest on bench

Oct. 27, 2012 at 5:27 a.m.

Jack Marr is running as the republican candidate for 24th District Judge.

Jack Marr is running as the republican candidate for 24th District Judge.

In 1975, my wife Sharon and I moved to Victoria in an old, green Mercury with a 6-month-old son and three skinny dogs. The "Crossroads of Texas" has been our home ever since. Our sons and their wives grew up here, graduated from our public schools and are raising our four grandchildren here. I'm seeking election as judge of the 24th Judicial District because I want our families and children to live and prosper in an area served by fair, experienced, conservative judges. The 24th District Court covers Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Jackson, Refugio and Victoria counties. This court hears felony criminal cases, major civil litigation and family law matters filed in these counties. Judgments by this court affect the lives, liberty, property and families of those who enter the courtroom. This makes electing the next judge of this court an important choice for everyone.

Judges should be serious students of the law, and I've completed more than 1,900 hours of continuing legal education. I've also written more than 60 legal articles for Texas attorneys and law schools. Following an extensive examination, I was board certified as a family law specialist in 1983. I've received numerous awards for legal excellence and was honored to be named a Fellow of the College of the State Bar. Texas Monthly Magazine has also recognized me as a "Super Lawyer" continuously since 2005.

I worked my way through college and have never been afraid of hard work. Whether hearing a criminal case, a civil matter or an emergency order, as judge I will have no problem with coming early and staying late to ensure that justice is done. The combined District Court Civil Docket for all counties in the 24th Judicial District shows that I had 114 docket appearances last year, while my opponent had six. In judging courtroom experience, these numbers speak for themselves.

Since receiving my law license in 1975, dramatic shifts have occurred in the civil cases heard in our courts. Into the 1990s, civil dockets mainly contained personal injury claims or commercial litigation, with relatively few family law cases. Following tort reform and increases in family law litigation, our civil dockets are now frequently more than 70 percent family law cases. Likewise, some 80 percent of our judges' time in civil hearings goes to family law matters. My opponent doesn't practice family law, and I will be the first family law specialist on the bench in our area if elected. The Texas Family Code provides courts with many helpful tools, and my familiarity with these will allow me to assist families and children at difficult times in their lives. I've witnessed the bitterness and injustice that can result when courts treat people unfairly, and you can rest assured this will not happen to those who come before me as judge.

I will uphold the law if elected and apply it fairly and justly. One size does not fit all when applying the law, and no cookie-cutter solutions exist for the complex problems people bring to court. While mediation can help resolve certain disputes, it is a voluntary process, and courts cannot force people to settle cases before trial. I believe strongly in our Constitution, and that it means what it says. I see the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and I believe in strict constitutional interpretation. People deserve to have their cases decided based on the law as written, not by guess work or judicial activism. It is the duty of judges to listen carefully to the testimony and facts of each case, then apply the written law to those facts. Justice delayed is justice denied, and I will decide cases promptly after listening to people and hearing all the facts.

I am the only candidate for this position who has the full range of trial experience, legal education and professional training to be district judge. I'm very familiar with the 24th District Court, having actively practiced law in the counties it covers. I have more than 35 years of hands-on courtroom experience trying civil, criminal and family law cases. As a partner in the local firm of Marr, Meier & Bradicich, I've handled more than 2,000 legal cases in our area. The judge's bench is no place to learn as you go, and I have the knowledge and wisdom to apply the law justly. In addition, I am the only candidate in this race who is board certified as a legal specialist. As a husband, father and grandfather, I understand the importance of the law to our families. Combined with my courtroom experience, this deep legal knowledge has equipped me to serve our families and children as district judge.

Jack Marr is the Republican candidate for 24th District Judge. Voters can contact him with questions or comments at 361-578-8584, or via email at jackwmarr@gmail.com.



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