Geanie Morrison was right to support tort reform

Oct. 29, 2012 at 5:29 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In a recent Advocate review, there are statements about tort reform by Rep. Morrison which are correct, and by her opponent Mr. Hernandez which are incorrect. Mr. Hernandez states tort reform "has not been effective." This could be no further from the truth. Prior to 2003, Texas was losing doctors and had a difficult time bringing doctors to the state. With tort reform, the medical environment in Texas markedly improved and doctors stayed/came to Texas in large numbers - 28,000 new physicians since 2003. This generated 10.5 million more patient visits this year, increased charity care by $594 million, and 40 counties that did not have an emergency physician now do. As a physician, I have seen reductions in my malpractice insurance. Texas doctors have received, on average, a 46.24 percent reduction in their liability premiums since 2003. Texas hospitals are saving $100 million per year on liability premiums. This money is returned to charity care, capital improvements, etc. Medicine is a business and any reduction in office expense, i.e. paying less for insurance, will keep my office open and employ six talented individuals.

Geanie Morrison was right to support tort reform. I ask you to vote for Geanie Morrison.

James F. Neumann M.D., Victoria



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