People need to prioritize their obligations

Sept. 3, 2012 at 4:03 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Let's get our obligations in order; I'm so tired of hearing people that I know say, "I am so sick, and I do not have Medicaid to go and see the doctor or go to the hospital." These same people have refused to have health insurance through their employer or through their spouse's employment because it costs too much! My neighbor had breast cancer, and, thank God, the doctors caught it in time. The final bill was $89,000. She did not want to be added onto her husband's insurance at work because it would be $300 more a month. It is taking her over 13 years to pay that bill. And you know what? She still doesn't want to be added. However, these same people have new trucks and have $700-plus truck payments and pay full insurance coverage. I do not hear them complain about that. Yes, we all need a vehicle, but not a new gas gulping truck. Your health comes first. So why would you insure your property/material things better than your own health? I guess they will depend on fundraisers and government handouts...

Rocio Vasquez, Refugio



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