Steve Dickinson snaps high score

Sept. 5, 2012 at 4:05 a.m.

It didn't take long for Steve Dickinson to insert himself in the race for the weekly high score.

In the second week of Sundowner League competition he used a great third game of 288 to grab the honors. Dickinson started with games of 217 and 213 before stringing 10 strikes and an 8 pin spare in the last game to total 718 for the night.

Mike Stacy started the first week of Red River action with a nice score of his own with three consistent games of 243, 239, and 227 to roll a 709 set for second high.

Randy Vivero was also consistent to break the 700 mark with a 247 high game contributing towards a 702 series,

Other scores of note for the men were Patrick Bowland (670), Tom Crowe (659), and Travis Dollins (652).

Lori Heil was high for the women during Sundowner League play with a 215 high game helping towards a 587 series.

The Century Lanes Youth league will have a meeting on Sept. 12 at 6 p.m. to see how many new members are interested in joining.

The Dow Mixed League, which started competition last Thursday, is the longest running league in the association. The league started bowling in 1953 at the Victoria Lanes as the Carbide League. The Carbide and DuPont bowling leagues were a mainstay of Victoria bowling for many years before interest from the plant employees started dropping off.

OVER THE HILL 1ST (three way tie) TEAM #1, THROWN TOGETHER, and YOUNG AT HEART Women: B. Scheffer 202-502; Men: A. Garcia 212-604; J. Simmons 536; M. Almendarez 210-529; A. Scheffer 214-527; S. Gritta 213-522; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: M. Stacy 243-709; R. Vivero 247-702; J. Tweedle 247-645; S. Zeplin 643; B. Marques 233-635; A. Garcia 247-632; T.J. Mooney 238-614; T. Crowe 224-593; T. Bennett 586; K. Schupbach 577; R. Kalmus 567; W. Lorance 567; D. Matthews 244-563; CAPTAIN'S Women: P. Jackson 493; SUNDOWNERS (4 way tie) AVERAGE JOE'S, HERE 4 BEER, FIVES COMPANY, AND HONEY BADGERS Women: L. Heil 215-587; P. Robles 211-534; S. Guinn 211-531; E. Faltysek 529; J. sims 210-524; M. Rojas 212; Men: S. Dickinson 288-718; T. Crowe 224-659; M. Stacy 227-652; T. Dollins 234-652; G. Mason 235-637; B. Hammack 635; D. Matthews 226-625; R. Mott 617; G. Hatt3er Jr. 610; G. Pitts 226-610; R. Vasquez 605; L. Boyd 226-599; C. Hoff 596; R. Rendon 592; C. Bigham 590; M. Unger 587; J. Silgero 583; B. Korczynski 578; E. smith 578; R. Brotze 576; J. Blount 574; R. Kalmus 574; S. Miller 573; E. smith 572; M. Hernandez 571; D. Hayward 225-568; J. Weber 567; I. Gomez Jr. 567; C. Martinka 226-564; T. Bennett 556; R. Ellis 550; V. Thomas 227.



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