Sky Restaurant offers good food, service

By by camille m. doty/
Sept. 5, 2012 at 4:05 a.m.

The Marlin Combination at Sky Restaurant offers a ribeye steak, shrimp and two sides. The restaurant is near the Victoria Regional Airport.

The Marlin Combination at Sky Restaurant offers a ribeye steak, shrimp and two sides. The restaurant is near the Victoria Regional Airport.   Camille Doty for The Victoria Advocate

I spend most of my driving on Navarro Street in Victoria and rarely venture off onto the side streets because there may not be an outlet, or I may end up somewhere I didn't want to be.

Even with GPS, I still need some assistance. In my year and a half in Victoria, I've found people to be the best resource.

I like to get a taste of the local flavor when I travel, and doing this column has given me a chance to get a sense of that.

A friend suggested I meet her at the Sky Restaurant, and I couldn't come up with a visual, partly because I haven't seen it before. So, I did what most Smartphone users do, I called it up on Google.

I was impressed because this place has an up-to-date website listing the amenities - banquet hall, meeting facilities, media room, private room, and a tab to make reservations. The site was thorough, but lacked a menu section.

Some Crossroads transplants like me have not seen Sky Restaurant because it's on Foster Field Drive, near Victoria Regional Airport.

When I pulled into the jam-packed parking lot, I got excited. The hostess and wait staff greeted me with a smile.

Although I was a little early for our meeting time, my friend was already there with a menu in tow. Guess she was excited to be there.

I looked around the room and saw a mixed bag of clientele - city workers, men in uniforms and friends.

The atmosphere is relaxed if that's what you want, but professional. The server was polite and knowledgeable about the menu.

I asked her a lot of questions (I tend to do that a lot; it's in my job description, after all).

I settled on the Marlin Combination: a rib-eye steak, fried shrimp, baked potato and vegetables. A house salad came with the meal. Two words - plentiful and delicious.

The chef cooked the steak exactly the way I ordered it - slightly pink in the middle, but not fleshy. It's rare for places to get it right the first time. I was thankful the waitress listened to me. The shrimp was breaded and crunchy, not greasy.

I got a loaded potato with all the fixings - cheese, bacon and chives and the vegetables were well seasoned. Couldn't ask for more with this meal.

Even with my most earnest attempt to finish, my eyes were larger than my stomach, once again. I just shook my head because the food gods got the best of me.

One of the owners visited my table to make sure we were satisfied. I received great service.

I would recommend this place.



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