Apples For Eyes releases 'Widow Sessions'

By by timothy dangerspecial to the advocate
Sept. 5, 2012 at 4:05 a.m.

Like any musician, when Scott Glover (known onstage and online as "Apples For Eyes") came across heartbreak, he picked up a guitar. But something happened on the way from guitar to bottle, he came across a new way to present it.

You may recognize Scott Glover (AKA "Scott Free") from his involvement in the underground music scene in the last 25 years. He has been in notable bands spanning decades, such as Carpetfish, Worm Suicide, Madagain Saints and Return To Cinder to name a few, as well as working with show flyers and local zines. But it is his most recent project that may be his most important.

Dealing with his new singledom, Glover gathered a group of songs he liked listening to that reflected his situation that played in his head like a movie.

"They are not songs I grew up with, this is music I grow old with." He said.

Playing covers at first, Glover started writing his own songs to fill in the blanks between the scenes in his head. Along with a slew of original songs added to his set list, he also started a blog that shares his journal writings and visual art as a companion to the music, giving the listener much more than just music, but an all around multimedia experience.

The result is AFE's new "Widow Sessions" EP. It was recorded on Glover's iPhone using a multi-track app and sent off to be mastered later. While he has recorded in elaborate studios in his career, it was not his intention with this EP, he wanted something that sounded like what he was going through during a lonely 4 a.m. with the sounds of his fingers sliding on the strings.

"It's something tangible for people to have in their hand they can think, 'he wrote that while he was going through this,'" he said. "Everyone has their ways of dealing with loss, whether they take a pill or not, my way is to sing about it. If I can make one person understand, than it's worth it."

To view Scott Glover’s blog that is a companion to his music, as well as contact for information on the EP’s availability, go to

Timothy Danger is the music and content director as well as a co-host of the Old Man and Bitter Girl Podcast, which focuses on independent art music and culture. He is also a musician.



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