Myanmar refugees consider uncertain future (video)

By GHENI PLATENBURG - Special to the Victoria Advocate

Baby Boy is enrolled at Victoria College, where he plans to begin his journey to become a chemical engineer.
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Special report

The Victoria Advocate is telling the Karens' stories in a three-part special report. Today's installment starts with this story.. The series so far:

•  Aug. 26: Port Lavaca offers jobs, hope

Sept. 2: The Karen change Calhoun schools

Today: Immigrants chase the American dream

They say there is no place like home.

But what if home is a place with a history of violence and an uncertain future?

That is the home known by the hundreds of Karen refugees who have settled in Port Lavaca in the past five years.

Their search for peace tore them from the land mine filled jungles of Myanmar to the refugee camps in Thailand before they resettled in the South Texas coastal community.

Nowadays, promises of hope and change from a new civilian-backed military government have created a glimmer of hope that better days are ahead in the place they once called home.

With these promises comes the question of whether to return to the land settled by their ancestors centuries ago or stay in Port Lavaca, the community that has welcomed them with open arms and given them a chance to rebuild a new life.

For many, the answer to return to their native land is unequivocally no.

But for others, the idea remains a possibility.

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