A look back at the Battle of Peleliu in WWII

Sept. 14, 2012 at 4:14 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

September 15, 1944:

On this date, I and the rest of the First Marine Division will Celebrate the 68th Anniversary of the landing on the Island of Peleliu. I was in HQ Company First Battalion first Reg. First Div. in the Communication Section as a telephone man. L.B. (Chesty Puller) was the Reg. Commander and the most Decorated Marine of all time.

Peleliu was the biggest mistake of the war, since it was never used and the Japanese could not visit it, while the Marines lost seven men out of ten who either were killed or wounded. Who would take the blame for this? Adm. Nimitz must be held accountable in the history books, as he was in charge.

Peleliu was never used for anything and now it's one place referred to as the paradise island of the Pacific. Thousand of vacationers (many Japanese) go there.

Peleliu never got much publicity, because they wanted to keep it quiet. I only know one other Marine living today, a friend living in Lake Land, Fla.

Herman Shirley, Victoria



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