Light, dark and everything in between with Fiona Apple

By by dianna wray/
Sept. 19, 2012 at 4:19 a.m.

Remember when you were in that melodramatic phase where you'd hole up in your bedroom for hours, fuming about how your parents don't understand you while blasting Fiona Apple's music so loud the walls and your spleen vibrated?

No? Well, whether you were ever that angsty teenage girl or just a fan of the famed musician's deliciously complex, off-kilter and, yeah, moody songs, I'm sure you know the name and at least some of the music.

She is bringing her music to the Bayou Music center in Houston on Friday.

Apple hit the big time with her first album, "Tidal," back in the 1990s. Her lyrics, contralto voice and fierce piano skills got her a ton of attention, and her album was a huge hit.

But then, after releasing her follow-up, the beautifully crafted, "When the Pawn...," Apple had an infamous on-stage meltdown and went on hiatus. It's said she even considered ending her recording career.

Obviously, that didn't happen, and now Apple is touring in support of yet another great album, "The Idler Wheel...," which is decided proof that Apple hasn't lost that which makes her great.

At the same time, it's proof that while we who listened to her way back when we were growing up, she was growing up too.

Her music can still shake the walls and her lyrics are still charting the territory of the interior of the soul, but she's gotten even better at her art.

It's comforting, really, to know that she has come as far as us melodramatic types, and is still out there making music. We grew up, and so did she, and now she's back out on the road and for the price of a ticket you'll be able to hear her stuff and marvel out how far we've all come.



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