Fashion tips with Haili Z: Keeping up with the Taylors

By Haili Z
Sept. 20, 2012 at 4:20 a.m.

Simple and Lady Chic are the words to describes this fall's line.

Simple and Lady Chic are the words to describes this fall's line.

Craig and Yul Taylor release their new line for fall 2012.

The line, inspired by the Italian saying 'La Dolce Vita' meaning 'The sweet life,' takes a nostalgic turn with the lovely prints and apparel inspired by the breathtaking Lake Como in north Italy.

I sat with the pair to get a glimpse of Craig and Yul's inspiration from travels, how to wear the Taylor brand, and tips and tricks from the designers themselves on how to get their look. Your ultimate guide to 'La Dolce Vita.'

What words would best describe the Cal and Yul Taylor line this fall?

Craig Taylor: The main operative words of the season for us are simple, and lady chic. Soft tops, classic and simple silhouettes, with really luxurious fabrics - we really let the fabrics speak. We don't have a lot of tricky design elements on the garments. They are mostly very simple silhouettes but then we use these outrageous prints from these great legendary mills - mostly in Lake Como, Italy, some from Switzerland.

What are some tips you can share with us to get the 'La Dolce Vita' look?

Craig Taylor: The other things that we are doing are layering. Short sleeve knits with a long sleeved shirt. Print matching - so mix and matching of the different prints, the different color ranges that we have so that for every skirt - for example, there's probably four or five different tops you can put with it and you can layer it with a Yul Taylor scarf throw on a belt, accessories have lots of hardware - gold metals, heavy metal hardware, Italian hardware. Colors that coordinate with the collections for example, with a purple skirt there's a purple belt that'll go with it - it's not the same exact purple so it doesn't look too matchy matchy. We have a berry ostrich patent leather belt to go with the purple skirt. And then we have the long boyfriend cardigans worn over skinny jeans, so it's a lot of layers just draped in luxurious fabrics is what we want to do - the look we're going for. Jewel tones are big for the fall and they look great on every woman.

What are the color schemes for the fall line and what is the favorite part of finally having it out on the floor?

Yul Taylor: That was the other thing that we did that was fun for us. We did these color stories - we had a winter white, now we have the navy, berry, and olive for this fall - those rich colors. You have pieces that coordinate with the color story, but honestly the best part for us now is that we're seeing them in stores. We're seeing the visual department merchandise them we see customers put them together - we're finding all of these different combinations that we haven't thought of before. And honestly, we want people to play with it and mix and match so even if it's a piece from the white story, they could've added it with olive and it still works. Now this is the fun part for us - now that it's all done and here is seeing customers play with it and put it together.

So the customers are also a big inspiration for you guys?

Yul Taylor: Sure, yeah. Just being out here, you get feedback and you get to see what they like, what they want and what they're looking for. We know in Houston it's Houston, and you don't have many cold months but our fabric - even though it's fall we'll use a silk or a light silk or cotton so you can layer but it also works for the warmer climate. You can unbutton it and cuff the sleeves and wear a nice tank underneath.

The Cal Taylor and Yul Taylor line is available to browse at Tootsies in Houston or for Victoria Advocate readers to browse the online catalogue for the chicest looks of fall at

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