A list of questions for American Democrats

Sept. 23, 2012 at 4:23 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Continue to wake up, America.

To any Democrats, answer these questions. All questions end in "duh."

1. Why do you praise Obama?

2. His accomplishments in 4 years?

3. His future accomplishments if re-elected?

4. His attack on our first amendment, "the freedom of speech," and second amendment, "the right to bear arms?"

5. Leading this country into socialism or communism?

6. Why he speaks out of both sides of his mouth?

7. Never in the White House; always flying around?

8. His appointment of Chicago hoods to high judicial positions?

9. His give-away programs to nuts that have no intention of going to work, whether white, Hispanic or black?

10. The total failure of all of his "green jobs?"

11. Wanting to unionize the entire work force at our expense?

12. How proud are you of him spending this once great nation into total oblivion?

13. I've got Democratic friends that stated "No more Obama?"

14. Why are huge companies moving out of union supported areas? They woke up.

15. Why is Obama making such huge cuts in our military?

16. This once-great nation cannot sustain 4 more years of Obamaism. As I stated in my last letter, "Wake Up America." If I am wrong, I will get on my knees and apologize. Don't look for any scabs on my knees.

17. Cancellation of Keystone Pipeline?

18. In closing, my last comment - I loved my Daddy and my Momma, but I have no use for Obama. Quite poetic, huh?

Larry Marek, Port Lavaca



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