This is the danger to another term

Sept. 25, 2012 at 4:25 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Government by thuggery. That's what Al Armendariz, formerly Obama's top environmental official, advocates. The Sept. 24 story describes how Armendariz expects the EPA to treat companies and states in order to get their way. The EPA writes regulations that have the force of law but aren't passed by the Congress, and if the states or utility companies don't comply, Armendariz expects the government to "crucify" them. That word, by the way, got him fired, but it didn't change his attitude or, evidently, the attitude of the EPA.

Texas sued the EPA and won. Armendariz says the EPA will simply rewrite the rules with the same requirements, thereby forcing the states to go to the expense of further court trials. It is interesting that the government won't accept a court decision.

The scary part of the story is when Armendariz says, "They (the court decisions) point out to me the importance of getting the President to appoint justices on the federal judiciary that will follow the law."

Justices aren't supposed to "follow the law." They are supposed to INTERPRET the law to ensure it passes Constitutional muster. In other words, the justices decide if the law is legal.

This is the danger of another Obama term. Justices he will appoint will carry on his agenda for decades after he finally leaves office. The attitude that the President's wishes (the regulations written by a federal agency) are more important than the Constitution is more dangerous to the freedoms enjoyed by Americans than any foreign threat.

Obama has already issued executive orders, which have the force of law, because he said he couldn't wait on Congress, a telling admission. Now he wants to stack the Supreme Court and inferior courts with judges who think the way he does, which is to ignore the Constitution. After all, to them, it's just a ragged old piece of paper on which the ink is faded to the point the words are barely legible.

Obama is dangerous and must be removed from office in the next election or he will change America into something none of us who grew up with liberty will recognize.

Carl Bankston, Victoria



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