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Mike Stacy rolled three games

Sept. 27, 2012 at 4:27 a.m.

Mike Stacy rolled three games without an open to slip by fellow left-hander Steve Zeplin to win the weekly high series honors.

Stacy started strong in the Red River League with a 258 game then followed with consistent games of 235 and 238 to total 731 for the night.

He also rolled a 683 set in another league.

Zeplin was competing in the Sugar & Spice League where he also started on fire with two clean games of 258 and 257 before a split and an miss in the third game left him with a 208 game and 723 series for second high. Zeplin also rolled a nice 652 total in another league.

Andy Hall also broke the 700 mark with a 246 high game contributing towards a 702 set.

Other scores of note for the men were Randy Vivero (687), Jerry Cano (267-685), Tom Crowe (683/652), Harold Bellanger Jr. (677), Mike Wortham (666), Kevin Stacy (257-662), Calvin Bigham (662), Eric Smith (265-661), Don Marques (660), Mike Osterson (650), Mike Unger (649), Shawn Miller (259), David Matthews (258), Justin Smith (257), Billy Hill (248), and Mark Hernandez (248).

Kenny Ballard does not let being blind stop his love for bowling. He has competed for many years on the lanes and last week he bowled a 165 high game and 322 series in the Pinbuster League.

Rebekah Martinez was high for the women with a nice 606 set bowled in Monday Mixed competition. She posted individual games of 198, 186, and 222 for her total.

Erin Faltysek was not far behind with an excellent 245 high game helping towards a 597 series in Sundowner competition.

Team USA members Chris Barnes and Kelly Kulick earned gold medals in the inaugural World Ten Pins Bowling Association World Series Championships, which were held in Limassol, Cyprus.

Kulich went into the final frame needing two strikes and a nine pin count to lock up the win and she came through to defeat Latvia's Diana Zavjalova 228-226.

Barnes defeated fellow American Tommy Jones 212-198 for the men's title after surviving a tough semi-final match (246-244) against Colombia's Andres Gomez.

When ABC and WIBC combined to form the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) it was to facilitate joining other countries in the bowling world for national competition.

With the many countries that can furnish top-notch competition, it was hoped that bowling would become an International Olympic medal sport.

Unfortunately the International Olympic bureaucracy has not taken the sport seriously enough to vote it a medal sport, though millions of people compete world wide in sanctioned play.

PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM #2 Women: M. Ballard 144-414; A. Schwan 138-340; Men: K. Ballard 165-364; B. Innes 137-332; OVER THE HILL 1ST CENTURY KIDS Women: C. Sturm 518; B. Long 501; Men: J. Figueroa 217-612; A. Garcia 604; A. Schneffer 571; S. Gritta 214-541; S. Jones 536; W. Conaway 524; E. Stevens Jr. 522; J. Schmidt 521; C. Schubert 515; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: M. Stacy 258-731; M. Wortham 237-666; D. Marques 234-660; S. Zeplin 239-652; T. Crowe 247-652; T. Pfuhl 246-644; D. Blohm 237-643; R. Vivero 229-642; J. Matson 638; K. Schubach 233-629;D. Richards 232-629; T. Bennett 235-615; C. Hoff 235-613; D. Matthews 237-598; R. Kalmus 587; J. Molina 584; F. Silgero 574; R. Thompson 568; J. Wittenburg 565; J.P. Reyna 557; MONDAY MIXED 1ST TEAM TROUBLE Women: R. Martinez 222-606; N. Mergele 532; K. Kern 221; Men: A. Hall 246-702; H. Bellanger Jr. 237-677; R. Morris 645; J. Brock 630; C. Flores 624; D. Padgett 244-615; S. Kocian 227-610; B. Mooney 594; J. Rodriguez 231-593; S. Dickinson 588; B. Kitchens 583; K. Bryan 580; T. Payne 561; J. Rosales 554; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (3 way tie) RANDY'S RAIDER, HANG DAT ASS, and KPS Women: L. Mikulec 216-587; C. Speer 578; J. Oguin 225-564; R. Wortham 209-562; S. Guinn 540; J. Reyna 537; T. Wortham 526; Men: S. Zeplin 258-723; R. Vivero 242-687; J. Cano 267-685; M. Stacy 244-683; K. Stacy 257-662; M. Osterson 235-650; R. Gonzales 232-615; L. Mikulec 614; M. svatek 611; S. Dickinson 607; R. Silgero 592; R. Geddings 581; T.J. Mooney 575; P. Smith 228-572; J. Parratt 570; L. Hall 570; B. Hill 248-568; T. Bennett 565; J. Silgero 557; J. Martinez 556; B. Hyden 233-556; B. Mooney 553; C. Aiken 552; M. Rodriguez 552; b. Speer Jr. 547; M. Hernandez 248; CAPTAIN'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: B. Mitscherling 509; DOW MIXED 1ST A DRINKING TEAM Women: E. Fuhrman 533; Men: J. Bryant 224-620; P. Bowland 231-605; L. Fuhrman 578; J. Molina 237-555; E. Torres 549; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SHAKE IT OFF Women: E. Faltysek 245-597; T. Mason 231-544; O. Jackson 543; I. Caballero 543; S. Wharton 541; C. Guerra 528; D. Gillespie 213-524; P. Robles 518; S. Guinn 515; Men: T. Crowe 238-683; E. Smith 265-661; M. Unger 237-649; D. Reissig 232-647; M. Stacy 642; G. Hatter Sr. 240-638; E. Smith 630; C. Bigham 617; D. Matthews 231-616; S. Miller 259-616; T. Pfuhl 608; K. Stacy 607; R. Kalmus 600; M. McDonald 587; M. Osterson 225-577; B. Alex 570; L. Helms 568; D. Marques 564; G. Mason 563; M. Cantu 561; W. Jackson 237-554; L. Boyd 552; J. Glass 551; D. Hayward 550; T. Fagg 549; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST OMG Women: E. Faltysek 563; D. Gabrysch 209-533; C. Nelson 506; N. Mergele 206; Men: C. Bigham 243-662; R. Morris 636; J. Smith 257-622; T.J. Mooney 229-616; D. Matthews 258-604; K. Bryan 598; K. Blake 583; M. Cantu 582; M. Conchola 234-580; S. Dickinson 579; R. Gabrysch 564; E. Gonzales 563; B. Rodriguez 558.



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