Lavaca County Dems meet in Shiner

Sept. 28, 2012 at 4:28 a.m.

Lavaca County Democrats met at Werner's Restaurant Sept. 4. Marilyn Thibodeaux chaired the meeting. After discussion of rallies, fundraisers and the need for both parties to compromise to solve problems, Thibodeaux invited Democratic candidates to speak.

Lavaca County Commissioner Precinct 3 incumbent, David Wagner, discussed budget restraints in the county. "Everyone wants better roads or other services such as garbage pickup. What is hard for people to understand is that the county has the same problems in budgeting as the taxpayer. The dollar does not go as far in the purchase of gravel and materials and fuel for equipment as it did even a couple of years ago," Wagner said.

In spite of campaign rhetoric in the last election, people's property taxes will be higher this year. The adopted tax rate for 2012 is lower, but property appraisals are higher. The result is higher individual taxes.

Candidate for Lavaca County Sheriff, Dennis Kocian, reviewed his qualifications. Kocian stated that he gave years of volunteer service providing ambulance service to Lavaca County. He taught and administered the Jaws of Life. He took classes in law enforcement at his own expense and served as a volunteer deputy for several years. He would draw on that training and experience as sheriff.

Eddie Canales, representing Rose Meza Harrison for Congress, talked to the group about her priorities for strengthening education and protecting Medicare and Social Security for retired citizens. Conservative budgets around the country have resulted in deep cuts to education, law enforcement and firefighters. Harrison would work to create jobs putting these people back to work. Canales stressed that Harrison is a firm believer in guaranteeing women equal pay for equal work.

Canales mentioned the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling which allows corporations to donate unrestrained and anonymous millions to Super PACs supporting candidates of their choice. Romney Super PACs have garnered almost $200 million in contributions from corporations, multi-millionaires and billionaires. Those contributors seek favorable regulations and elimination of taxes on inheritances and capital gains that would more than offset the amount they contribute. The $70 million in ads they have run target the middle class, but these benefits for the super wealthy would do nothing to cut taxes for the middle class. They would do nothing to reduce the national budget deficit which has grown far less under the Obama and Clinton administrations than under Presidents Reagan and Bush.



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