Victoria officials need to recognize value of Horseman's Club, invest

Sept. 29, 2012 at 4:29 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

What is the status of the Horseman's Club Arena? I am wondering why the city does not get the arena up to an acceptable standard - even if hotel tax money needs to be used. I realize this arena is not the solution to attracting money-making events, but it could be good for some events and as a practice facility. The decline in the use of the facility is mainly due to it being outdated, run down, too small and muddy when it rains.

In a recent letter-to-the-editor, someone commented that $1,000,000 was spent for the "Bring Your Boots" campaign. If the city would have built a multi-function covered arena several years ago, the covered facility could be paid for by now and would be a cash cow, no pun intended. The "Bring Your Boots" would now be great because there would be an event every weekend. (Something for people to do when they get to Victoria with their ever lov'n boots.)

Part of my campaign platform is to bring a first-class covered arena and community center to Victoria. That way we can have sanctioned rodeo events, amateur rodeo, tractor pulls, car shows, farm and ranch shows, barrel racing, roping events, cutting horse contests, animal shows of all types, auctions and dozens of other events.

We have the motels and restaurants to support major events, which in turn would generate large tax revenues. Now we can promote more tourism to generate more tax revenues and build more infrastructure to promote more tourism.

I'm not talking about making Victoria a Disneyland, but our citizens need more family type events to take their families to. Oh, admission fees should be low so our families can afford to attend. Maybe some tourism dollars kicked back for admission and kids 12 and under free.

Tony Mallette, candidate for Victoria County Commissioner, Precinct 1, Victoria



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