Obama lacks ability to improve economy

Sept. 30, 2012 at 4:30 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Obama said he would cut the deficit in half; instead he raised our national debt five trillion dollars. He has yet to cut any spending. For the first time in history, we were downgraded by Standard and Poor's. He said he inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression; but he fails to look at what Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter. Still, his job is to fix the problem, not explain it away.

Our gasoline prices have doubled since he took office, and our food prices have skyrocketed. He turned down the Keystone pipeline, is stifling the coal industry, and has restricted drilling in federally controlled areas.

He doesn't regularly attend security or jobs council meetings.

He said "Fast and Furious" was started under Bush, and Eric Holder, his attorney general, stopped it. In fact, it was started after Obama was elected.

The prime minister of Israel is coming to America, but Obama doesn't have time to meet with him because he is campaigning. He will not assure Israel that he will help keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Our ambassador in Libya was killed, and he went to Vegas to raise campaign funds.

Re-elect him? Not me.

John Price, Victoria



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