Festival sneak peeks ooze of infidelity, heartbreak

Carolina Astrain By Carolina Astrain

April 3, 2013 at 3:03 p.m.
Updated April 2, 2013 at 11:03 p.m.

Here's an early look at a few of the films shown at the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival.

"Satellite Of Love" (2012)

Much in the style of the 1962 film "Jules and Jim," directed by Francois Truffaut, "Satellite of Love" revolves around a love triangle between Sam, Blake and Catherine.

Victoria director Will Moore takes the viewer through a blissful trip through a vineyard and wine garden owned by a friend of Sam's, three years after his best friend, Blake, has married Sam's ex-girlfriend Catherine.

The film is slow moving, dripping with waxing philosophical and sexy, conflicted, poignant characters.

"Must Come Down" (2012)

We've all wondered what the best way to deal with a sudden breakup is at some point in our lives.

In "Must Come Down," protagonist Holly, in her early 20s, deals with the simultaneous loss of her boyfriend and coffee shop job by creating a gravestone out of floral decorating foam and planting it outside of her ex's lawn.

Ashley, in his late-20s, has returned to his hometown on a mission to break into his former childhood home now inhibited by a new family.

The two meet at a bus stop and start a fast friendship through late night shenanigans and a joint search for some sort of closure from the dramas in their lives.

"Josephine and the Roach" (2012)

A creature most people fear and cringe at when sighted, becomes an endearing, lovable character in Jonathan Langager's short animated film, "Josephine and the Roach."

With an art direction reminiscent of the deteriorating building from the 1991 film "Delicatessen," the audience follows the budding romance between a beaten, spectacled housewife and a cockroach with a knack for playing the violin.

After getting wrapped up in a duet with Josephine, the roach quickly falls for her and begins to imagine their future together.

This short will no doubt become a festival darling this year.

"Ghost Team 1" (2012)

The hype is real, Victoria. This send up of the "Paranormal Activity" hand-held, haunted-house genre is pitch perfect. When Serge and Brad begin making a faux movie about the ghost of a psychotic Vietnamese prostitute in their house, they don't realize they are in over their heads.

The movie isn't exactly deep, but who cares? The raunchy jokes and ridiculous ghost sex hijinks more than make up for it.

It's also nice to see two Latin bros kicking it in a movie that don't star Cheech, a Sheen or George Lopez.



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