Who is performing at Victoria film fest?

By by jessica rodrigo/jrodrigo@vicad.com
April 3, 2013 at 2:05 p.m.
Updated April 2, 2013 at 11:03 p.m.

Electro power team, Wackford Squeers, are bringing their brand of synthesized lounge music this weekend.

Electro power team, Wackford Squeers, are bringing their brand of synthesized lounge music this weekend.

Silent films are thing of the past (we fell asleep watching "The Artist," so that doesn't count). And just as orchestras and full musical ensembles have paved the way for cinematic masterpieces, live music at Victoria TX Independent Film Festival will set the bar for future film festivals in the area.

Over the four days of the film festival, movie-goers can start and end their nights on a high note. Bands have come from as far as France and as near as our own neighborhoods for a chance to share their music with us.

Whether outside under the stars or inside the Golden Gecko's historic opera room, the musical performances at this year's festival are bound to get your head rocking and your blood flowing.

Here's who is on tap and some first impressions from listening online.

Kevin Gant

Gant, a talented musician, would be better classified as a story teller. His voice is crisp and clear with nothing fancy to distract from the message of his songs. • Genres: Folk/alternative/indie

• Sounds like: Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley and if Dave Matthews Band was cooler

Joe Reyna

A classic rock 'n' roll kind of guy, Reyna's music is dark, dirty and sounds like it could go down well with a beer.•  Genres: Alternative/rock

•  Musical influences: Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Gordon Lightfoot, The Doors

Les Sales Cons

Though they're technically rapping, these French guys sound very Euro-poppy. These guys look like lots of trouble... and even more fun. • Genres: Hip-hop/rap/club

•  Sounds like: Early Beastie Boys mashed with Right Said Fred

Something Called Nothing

This trio stands out from the other rock acts for two reasons: 1) Their lead singer can really tear into a song with her powerful pipes and 2) the swing twist thrown in all their songs.• Genres: Rock/rockabilly/punk rock

• Sounds like: Danzig, The Ramones, Green Day and a night at Steve-a-Reno's.

The Stout City Luchadores

A combo of Hollywood Undead and Bowling for Soup - we mean that in the best way possible. • Genres: Punk rock

•  What they listen to: The Clash, Exploited, Black Flag, Tim Barry, The Specials

Wackford Squeers

This Austin-duo pumps out psychedelic electro rock that's perfect for an active mind and a lazy body. •  Genres: Alternative

•  Sounds like: The music from a "Breaking Bad" meth-making montage



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