Can't sit through a full film, hit the shorts

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April 3, 2013 at 4 p.m.
Updated April 2, 2013 at 11:03 p.m.

Sprinkled right into the mix of feature-length films are a few programs sure to inspire, scare, impress and wow any movie lover.

Do you suffer from ADHD or just don't want to spend more than an hour watching one film? Then hit the short programs for a set of films put together with the same themes or styles.

Femme Fantastic Shorts

A collection of films focused on women who live in all walks of life from an area film that follows three women who live in the Silver City to a story between a Japanese factory worker and her mother.

•  "Tsuyako"

• "Social Butterfly"

• "This is What I Like: Fashion and Flowers, and Now I Will Tell You Why"

• "Avenue D"

• "Bunni"

• "The Proprietor"

World Shorts

This collection of films looks at different life experiences through the eyes of the both young and old characters.

• "Od Pepela" (Made of Ashes)

• "Double or Nothing"

• "Commerce"

• "Spaghetti fur Zwei" (Spaghetti for Two)

• "The Consolation of Orion"

• "El Toro"

• "Life of a Dog"

Creepy Shorts

Some stories can be hard to imagine, like one about a teenaged cannibal and another about a man who is living in a dream-like state while also being accused of murder.

• "Quiver"

• "Augenblicke" (Blink of an Eye)

• "Caterwaul"

• "Kim Jest Avrid Pekon" (Who is Arvid Pekon?)

•  "Cold Turkey"

• "Grasshopper"

Animation Shorts

Through the use of computers and painstaking stop-motion filming, this set of films takes a different approach to tell their stories of romance and adventure.

•  "Technology Wants My Sandwich"

• "Josephine and the Roach"

• "Wiggle Room"

• "Sci-Fly"

Children's Shorts

A set of play films that will make viewers feel like children again.

•  "Jonah and the Crab"

• "Luminaris"



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