Ask Chuck: Jump into spring with new hair fashions

By Charles Colson
April 4, 2013 at midnight
Updated April 3, 2013 at 11:04 p.m.

I have the hardest time wondering if my face is square or round. Sometimes it looks both. I bet others have thought the same thing. Could you please help me figure this out?

No problem. Let's get right to it. Your face is round if the measurement from your hairline to the bottom of your chin divided by three is larger than the measurement from beneath your nose to your chin. Your face is square if the width of your forehead from temple to temple is equal to the width of your jaw from ear to ear.

To get that phenomenal hairstyle for either shape of face, the stylist knows how to minimize and camouflage many flaws to create the perfect oval shape that women always strive to achieve. Keep in mind you are not alone. Now that you are more educated, see if the explanations of the following styles mentioned will answer your question to a larger extent.

We have loved your past explicit explanations of different dynamic styles. Do you have any more to share with us?

Yes, thanks to The First magazine, a publication for women's fashion, nails and hairstyles, I have found more that I believe can be altered for round or square faces. There is one called The Romantic. It is flattering because a center part conceals the sides of the forehead, making it appear less broad while wispy layers create volume from the jaw down. At this point, you can easily visualize a narrow chin to help make the face become more balanced.

Simply ask your hairstylist for long, blended layers that fall to the jaw, just below the collarbone. It is highly important to emphasis the word "blended." This is very important no matter what style or length you wear. Blending keeps everything looking natural.

Now that I am trying to achieve that perfect oval shape, how do I know when I have it right?

Thanks for that question. Your face appears oval if the measurement from the hairline to the bottom of your chin divided by three, is smaller than the measurement from your nose to your chin. Going a step further, you will find that a heart-shaped face is found if the width of your jaw from ear to ear is smaller than the width of your forehead from temple to temple. I think now many will realize what goes through your hairdresser's mind when choosing the right style for you. Just have patience and both of you can achieve this goal together.

This has been terrifically amazing advice for us. Do you have one last suggestion to get to that final goal?

Yes, definitely, and it is called The Vixen. It is flattering because it requires soft layers and loads of volume from a rounded "frame" in order to offset the angles of a square jaw, says Candy Hapworth from the Oasis Day Spa in New York City. See how quickly we have moved this suggestion from New York to Texas? Now, ask for a shoulder-length cut with long, texturized layers plus chin-length layers around the face.

I hope I have helped each of you to clear up the mystery of what your true face shape is. Check out my next column, and see how you can acquire short and longer facial shapes just through having that perfect hairstyle. We need to keep that fresh spring look rather than look sprung out. Agree?

Charles Colson is an area hairstylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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